Wireless Ethernet Bridge for DS Jr and DMP

I have a DS Jr on the way and plan on getting the DMP in 2 months,

anybody try using a bridge either wireless or house wiring with good

results, preferences?

Not directly bridge related but I recently tried two Netgear items, their fastest house wiring Ethernet extender and their fastest (at the time) wireless extender. The house wiring version was incredibly slow and unreliable for even simple use, probably because of the lengths of the runs of house wiring needed between my house router closet and my NAS. The wireless extender on the other hand is completely seamless and pretty fast (I typically get about 20 or 30 MByte a second sustained on a file copy from the NAS. Not bad considering the data has to go thru the house router over two separate wireless links to get from the NAS to my laptop…) I relegated the house wiring extension to the upstairs DirecTV internet connection where it works fine.

If I were doing it again today I’d look at Netgear’s Orbi which seems to be designed just for me :slight_smile:

I’d have a preference for direct wiring for the NAS to the house network but wireless is so fast and reliable that I don’t think about it anymore.

I don’t know why either technology wouldn’t work with a Bridge, but then again I’m not a Bridge user…

I have successfully used an Apple Airport Express for this purpose. I tried a variety of Ethernet-over-powerlines devices, and was satisfied with none of them. They worked okay for casual purposes, and for the occasional printer or computer that seems to behave better with a wired network connection. But I have used the Airport Express to feed my DS, a Lumin A1, and a NADAC. It has successfully transmitted QuadDSD files to the NADAC, and a variety of high-res files including SingleDSD to the DS and the Lumin. Right now, the one in my office provides Ethernet to the Lumin and the NADAC. I use an Express everywhere I locate an AppleTV or Amazon Fire.

Hi, I have a question.

I’m new to streaming music, and probably in the stone age. So, I’m looking for advice from those of you that know. I am streaming hifi Tidal via ethernet cable from router to an Apple TV connected by Audioquest cinnamin Toslink to my DSD. The Apple TV is mirroring my ipod touch. It works,but am I missing a lot here? I just got a used PWT which is great for my CD’s , but don’t have a Bridge2 as yet and I haven’t tried any HiRez downloads. Nor do I have a server. -Just a MS Surface laptop. What can I do to improve my setup for less than megabucks? Thanks in advance for your help.

John Wyant