Any recommendations for best, easiest to implement Wi-Fi adapter for Bridge II?

Just today noticed the marketing literature on the Bridge II said that a “commonly available” wi-fi adapter could be plugged into the Bridge II. I’d like to get rid of the Cat 7 cable running across my floor, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience or recommendations regarding using the Bridge with such an adapter?

I haven’t tried this with the bridge but I would assume all you would need is wireless bridge which would connect to your WiFi router/access point. Something like this should work

Get a apple airport express

Yeah thanks. I’d seen that one on Amazon and it gets horrible reviews. There is another no longer manufactured one from Netgear that some Amazon sellers are charging upwards of $200 for, but people are saying that’s price gouging. I’m starting to wonder about this “commonly available” verbiage on PS Audio’s website - there doesn’t seem to be a commonly available, high quality wi-fi to Ethernet dongle on the market at the present time. May need to purchase a cheap wi-fi router and use it as an access point next to the DSD.

Put something like this in the outlet by your equipment rack connect it to your WiFi network and then run a short cable from it to the Bridge II. I used a similar TP Link device for several years before switching to a Mesh network.

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Unfortunately I don’t use Apple products. But thanks.

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Nice. Can’t beat the price on that. I’ll give it a try. Thanks. Also my current router is a TP Link, so that should be a seamless and plug-n-play solution.

Another option. Have a look on eBay. Search “Pakedge W6”. Should be $20 or less. Make sure it has 2 antennae and a power supply. Operate it in wireless bridge mode.

I use a Powerline ethernet adapter and it works great.

I use two RT-AC86U AiMesh routers with great success. One as main router and one connected beside DSD Dac.

Google mesh nodes have an e-net port. Works seamlessly.

Thanks for all the recommendations. I ended up having to send back the original extender because I could not sacrifice an outlet. I didn’t use my ASUS router’s mesh functionality because it’s a piece of garbage and I wasn’t going to throw good money after bad while it’s on RMA return and allegedly being fixed, so I got a TP Link standalone extender to go with my TP Link main router and so far it’s working OK. However I’ve noticed that many routers 5G radios are subject to failure and other spurious behavior and outages. That’s why I sent back the ASUS, which I guess I will be selling when it’s returned to me. I’ve had decent luck with Roon, but problems with their product going back to when I bought it. So far so good with the TP Link stuff, only have to reset the extender every so often when I see one of the radio’s (2.4G or 5G) lights is off.