PW Ethernet to wi-fi

First time with forum. Just bought a new direct stream dac. Has anyone had luck using an adapter to go from Ethernet on the bridge ll to wi-fi?

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Scratching my head, here — don’t you have that backwards?

Maybe you could add some details/rephrase your question?

I have no experience with an adapter but satisfactorily used a Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Bridge.

Yes it works fine. I used a TP Link Wifi adaptor for several years. All of the major companies sell them. Buy from Amazon and if you can’t get it to work then send it back. I used this one but any of the other models should work if the distance from the main router isn’t too great.

Hi what I have is an iMac and a hard drive connected to iTunes. I have an airport connected to my mixer. So I get from my iMac through wi-fi to my mixer my iTunes collection. What I would like to do is have it play through the bridge ll. So I was told there was a wi-fi adapter that plugs into the ethernet port allowing me to send signal from my Mac to the bridge

Still not sure I understand the direction of the flow of the digits, so I’ll just note the following for what its worth.

In my home, Hi-Fi rig my primary sources of digital music are on/through my iMac desktop computer (I also back up to a NAS). I have Roon Core on the desktop, iTunes and JRiver Media Center library/music management software. I have ripped hundreds of CD’s to the iMac and have downloaded some, but not a lot of digital files. I also currently maintain Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions, which I have piggy-backed on the Roon software (i.e., I access the Qobuz and Tidal libraries through the Roon software/interface).

All of this music “streams” to the Bridge II Ethernet card but starts out as Wi-Fi, thusly:

Wi-Fi from iMac on one level of the house to a modem/router on another level of the house. Ethernet from modem/router to a pair of TP Link media converters (ethernet to toslink to ethernet) and then Ethernet to a passive switch. Ethernet from the switch to Pink Faun LAN Isolator plugged into the PSA Bridge II Ethernet card.

No “Wi-Fi” adapter necessary, as the router/modem serves the purpose. I am sure you could do something similar to access your NAS connected to your Mac and then transfer the 1’s and 0’s to the network Bridge via Ethernet.

Hope this helps/sorry if I am being dense and misunderstanding what you are trying to accomplish…


Scottie, he wants to effectively make the Bridge wireless. Any of these ‘should’ work as long as they are driverless as you can’t load a driver on the bridge.

Something in my gut leads me to think this would be sub-optimal/lead to poorer sound quality. What do you think, in that regard?

I guess my thinking is not really based on any technical reason (router works the same way)…?


Any of the WiFi extenders by the major players will do what he wants. He just sets up the Extender as part of his WiFi network and put it close enough to the DS that he can run a short cable from the Extender port to the Bridge II. It’s really not that complicated and doesn’t require Access points or other devices.

If you have an old wifi router kicking around, sometimes you can reconfigure them to be used to create a wifi bridge, like this. That would be one way to make it work. They don’t have to be from the same manufacturer and they also don’t need to be the same model.

Thanks to everyone’s reply. Hooked it up as suggested and it works. Thanks

Glad you got it sorted.

Would you mind posting what you used and how you set it up in the end. I suspect others might be interested.

Best of luck to you.


If your files are all in iTunes and you have any legacy iTunes purchases that have not been converted to AIF or a similar “quality” format, I suggest you give that a try. Some of my old iTunes files sound a lot better after I converted them to AIF. You can do that through iTunes. See here, for example: Convert a song to a different file format with iTunes.