Wireless Headphones with the DS

I would like to use wireless (AptX) headphones with my rig.
I see 2 options:

  1. Use RCA output of the DS to a BT transmitter.
  2. Add a streamer/DAC to the setup.

For #1, I suppose this would attenuate the balanced outputs of the DAC.Also, any recommendations on a high quality BT transmitter ?

For option 2, if I want to avoid 2 add. units, I found the Bluesound Node and Cocktail N25. Does anyone know of other options ?

If the wireless signal is digital, and the input to the dac is digital, why do you need the dac, which you have to just have to re-digitise from analog?

Hi Chris, what’s the alternative ? my streamer has only a single USB output

While you’ll lose a lot… the DS filters / modulators will still be heard over going straight digital path from streamer.

What’s your source? This will help guide your path. If it’s CDs or other media I think your option 1 makes sense. I don’t know of a high quality BT transmitter though. There are a ton on the market. If you’re source is digital files or streaming then I’d just use a phone that supports AptX or get a DAP. That solution is basically option 2 but gives you advantage of it being portable. I wouldn’t buy a specific streamer or integrated with this functionality just to get the BT functions.

Dependent on your source, any iPad or iPhone that can read you files e.g. JRiver or mconnectHD can stream to your wireless headphones. I do using Bose earplugs and it sounds great