Woman records the sounds of sunflowers in her garden


That’s awesome. In more ways than I can parse ; )

Sorta looks like it must be picking up the leaf’s vibrations in the wind or something along those lines. Sounds like she remarks on it being “tranquil” sounding. Wonder what would happen if you shook the plant, or it was really windy…

She must live in a green cross state. :thinking:

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Furious, it would shout out expletives, in Sunflower.

Is it available on vinyl…?

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Is there no end to the ever-creeping invasion of one’s privacy? Shouldn’t these poor plants have some reasonable expectation to be left alone?
And I just happen to be an authority on the language of plants of all types. That sunflower was actually singing an old vegetable folk song that just repeats: “eat more meat, eat more meat, eat more meat…”


OMG HAHA! nice

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I’m here every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 7:30. And please don’t forget to tip the waitress and bartender…


Except all the domesticated animals that are raised for human consumption also eat plants.

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Sounds a bit like a theremin, which makes me wonder if it is a feedback oscillation. Sorry, am I spoiling the mood?

Was actually thinking along the same lines… But, if true it would render it less-cool. Sometimes it is just best to live and let be.

I think you are right there. Being at heart a technician is a curse at times :slight_smile:

You forgot to say…and try the veal.

Noooooo!!! Poor little baby cows!

If we were not meant to eat animals they would not be made out of meat.

On a hot July day one can stand in a corn field and hear the stalks popping as they grow.

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There is no sound scientific reason why humans need to consume animals, but plenty of scientific data showing the opposite. The consumption of animal products is the leading cause of many diseases.


Humor, Gary, humor.

Plants, however are our WIlling Slaves. You can gobble them up with impugnity, as they live only to be consumed. Plus, they rarely complain (with the possible exception of sunflowers). ; )


The Church of the Open Field. Let us prey.