Would it be Better to Use a Circuit Breaker Instead of a Fuse

So…would it be better to use a circuit breaker instead of a fuse for better sound quality?

Shunyata uses circuit breaker’s in their power distributers and get rave reviews. It would certainly help falling down the rabbit hole of upgrading fuses.

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It would make fuse rolling impractical for units so equipped. How would you know you had the best breaker?

I guess that would be a subject for another topic of “What’s the best circuit breaker for sound quality” :grinning:


Changing circuit breakers in electronics is really out of the question because it is a non user serviceable part. First of all you definitely will void the warranty by doing so and even if you can locate it on the circuit board, and find a better part with the same rating, soldering it in and out of the circuit is not for the novice.

No….what I meant is brand new from the manufacture.

Shunyata uses a special electromagnetic breaker which is better than a typical circuit breaker.

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The Audio Excellence PowerWing II also uses the Carlingswitch™ magnetic circuit breaker in its design.

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I am curious about the ordering of fuse trials. Power Plant, amp, preamp source is intuitive ordering… but intuition often fails in this hobby.


Having a circuit breaker with very low and near constant resistance would be better than any fuse IMHO. Initial cost is higher than a fuse/holder, but that would end the boutique fuse market.