Audiophile Upgrade fuse for P10?

What have people tried? What works?

HiFi Tuning Supreme (nice improvement over stock fuse) and then AudioMagic SHD beeswax fuse - which is best what i have tried anywhere in audiochain.


This thread may be of interest:


I have Synergistic Research Orange in my P10 No complaints.

I put Audio Magic Bee Wax fuses in both my P3 and my P12. As Elk said, upgrades open up the soundstage, but I also notice a significant improvement in transients, and pace and rhythm in general. There was one drawback, though. My foot tapping got louder!


It’s ok as long as your system is not upstairs :slightly_smiling_face:

I took advantage of the three for two sales of SR Orange fuses last year and put them in my P15, BHK Pre and DS. Frankly I felt the sound became too clean and detailed. But I added a AM Beewax to the transport recently and the SQ became fuller and this combination is great!

I cleaned the wax out of my ears and replaced it with beeswax—the difference was amazing!


Hmmmm must bee audio wax… :grinning:


Nothing really surprises me anymore in high end audio especially when it comes to fuses! The bees wax tho? I’ve read some good reviews but I’m still a sceptic.


I use Audio Magic fuses and all the audiophile fuses I have but one are Audio Magic (though not the top of the ladder fuses); really like the sound. I have an SR Blue in my P15 which I bought from a forum member to try. Certainly better than the stock fuse, but one day I may pop in an Audio Magic.

I’m using SR orange in all my components except my Sboosters. I might see if one of my sboosters is compatible with my DSD fuse and maybe I’ll put a bees wax in the DSD. The curiosity is killing me.

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You know what happened to the cat…
Somehow satisfaction brought him back…hmmmm.

Thanks, guys. Plenty of choices to go and explore now. I have no doubt reading these comments, those little fuses makes a significant difference! I’m leaving no stone unturned.

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The fuse being one of the first things the electric current passes through, before it is regenerated, I don’t understand how a fuse could make a system sounds better specially if once regenerated, the current goes in another “audiophile fuse”.

Could anyone explain me what I haven’t undrstood ? Thanx

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It happens to work for many including this guy. Nessuna causa chiara :wink:

You have a valid question but to take it a step further when talking power cables before the fuse the most important is the power cable is from the wall to the regenerator according to many.

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Hey Jack …what comes into play with fuses is their ability to
ebb and flow with the current demands music requires…

The materials used in the fuse wire…tin, copper, gold, silver, graphene…
all have conductive qualities…some better than others…

So if the fuse is the “gatekeeper” where current must conduct…
then the better conductive material will benefit regenerators, power amps
preamps etc …

The conductive wire in the a fuse makes all the difference…

Analogous I suppose to improving the airflow into an engine
as well as a tuned exhaust system…

They have in my system…

Hopes this helps

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I tried one in my P3 to prove it WOULDN’T make a difference. To my amazement, it made a significant improvement. And I still have no idea how.


tarheelneil…just read read my post just before yours…
might help…I think…

Best wishes friend