High quality MAINS fuses?

Are there any let’s say, specially designed, materials-wise and so on, big fuses for use in the main fuse panel or in my breaker panel with an adapter? I’m specifically talking about 25A and 16A fuses.
Any available with gilded contacts, silver wire, some other specialties? Or is it only the small component fuses that get the attention of manufacturers like SR, etc?
Why wouldn’t the big fuses make a difference? If I install a heavy gauge dedicated line (both from outside & inside), I don’t want bottlenecks. A fuse is always a bottleneck, so anyone know of any… WON’T say “audiophile quality”… oops I said it… …main fuses out there?

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I’m not that extreme.

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There was a thread here discussing the quality of circuit breakers. It seems like there were some recommendations based on manufacturer quality and cost. Someone may remember the thread and chime in.

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Circuit breakers as in, no actual fuses involved?

Correct (working from memory which is always suspect with me)

Do you remember there being talk of the actual breaker mechanisms playing a big role or rather the internal wiring, shielding, etc?


Those of you who’ve read the thread, could you give a short list of options for improvement?
I’m NOT changing my breaker panel, it’s sure to be good. Not cheap.
I would, if possible, use an adapter to use an actual 16A FUSE for my upcoming dedicated line - this is possible.
I just need to know where to get premium quality 16A fuses.
So tldr considering what I’m asking? Please.

…Here I’m assuming a solid fuse is always better than a breaker. Am I wrong?

OH I think I found it:

This one?

from memory Audience used to do an upgrade on mains fuses - they had as service to send them in and they Cryo cook them etc - looked at the site nothing on there today - not sure if they still do

Kemp Electroniks in Amsterdam has a number of audiophile mains supply upgrades for the breaker box.


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The question is, hitech breaker or hitech fuse for a dedicated line?

The GigaWatt G-C16A breaker is advertised as follows:

"The G-C16A installation switch does not have the typical shortcomings of thermal or case fuses, which are the result of their simple construction. All fuses – even the audiophile ones – besides the obvious protection capabilities, have one main weak point, which excludes them from usage in audio gear – they throttle the full power applied to the circuit. This flaw is the consequence of the very small diameter of the protective element, usually a thin copper, or silver wire – things the GigaWatt switch does not have.

The G-016A excels with a very solid construction, high quality of internal elements, resistance to vibration and working stability independent of the ambient temperature. The casing of the switch is made from black phenol-formaldehyde resin, what guarantees high rigidity. It is also fire proof, melt proof, antistatic, has a low electric and heat conductivity with relatively high mechanical resistance. Internal components, which take part in current conduction, are made from copper details and connectors with large cross-section, the coil itself is made from thick, copper wire, which does not cause any throttling or losses. The main contact elements are made from silver with a large contact surface."

Any comments? Should I go with the breaker? The advertisement tells me to go with the breaker.
I’d still like to hear some thoughts.

Isoclean makes an audiophile breaker box, I’m assuming the breakers that come with it are also of higher quality


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I would go for things like this if I was rich. (Of course, your info is also fortunately visible for those who are rich!)
Right now… I’m just looking for a single breaker OR fuse to install to my current breaker box.

PS. damn, that breaker box is sexy.

I’m sure someone here has invested in either a dedicated breaker panel / breaker or a quality mains fuse.

Would love to hear some comments on how they affected performance.
I’d wager that if a Power Plant is in use, the difference would be very negligible. Though, they do enjoy good power input for maximum operation…
The above mentioned hitech breaker box is already the cost of a medium sized Power Plant. Hmm…

Three reviews of interest for you Arenith;




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I’m convinced. Thankfully the breaker isn’t expensive, nor is 25sqmm aluminium outer feed. In the spring I’ll see what this whole “mains electricity” thing really can do! Heh.