Would you buy a DSD now?

Another consideration is how many Mk II’s will be ready if parts are hard to get and the price will be substantially more than the current DSD with increased costs and parts shortages.

Im in canada so we are not eligible for the trade in program lol

If I got a solid 3 years out of the dsd id be pretty happy.

Im not a huge digital guy but at this point of my life streaming is sooo convenient… Only have small windows of time to sit back and listen.


Visit the Modding The Direct Stream DAC. It will thrill you out of the box. There is 150 percent performance increase doing all the mods. If you are handy they are cheap. You could get easily 5 more years of joy. Depends on your budget and if MK11 is in your budget.


I have the DSD and did the Edcor 4400 transformer upgrade. It got me a little closer to the mark II! Good luck what ever decision you decide!

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Guess i have some reading to do lol…

Ill probably pull the trigger this weekend.

I think the dsd will take me a long way without any mods but i do like to tinker. At the same time ill have plenty of fun playing with the updates… The last update inhad on my junior was snowmass.


I am still enjoying the DS DAC and Bridge II without any modifications. It sounds great, especially with Sunlight firmware.


I feel the same as @Serhan and that’s with the original Bridge to boot.

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I’d say it just depends on two things:

How limited your budget is
How long you can wait during the next maybe 3-6 months

If both is more or less uncritical, go with the Mk II
If both or one is critical, go with the Mk I

Might as well just get it. How sure are you that MK2 is coming out even in the next year or two? What confidence do you have in any of the PSA projected timelines? I was reading a HiFi+ magazine back-issue from spring 2019 Axpona and they showed Ted and touted the imminent release of the $25k PSA TSS. That was 2.5 years ago, well before Covid or parts shortages, and now that product is further delayed and might not be released for years, as it comes after MK2 which still doesn’t have a release date yet. So might as well live in the present and not hold your breath. Life is short. If you liked the Jr you’ll like the Sr.

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Picked up the dsd on the way from work today!

Currently has windom installed will listen over the weekend and ill switch to sunlight…

I dont need to be on the bleeding edge of technology… The dsd will serve me well!


Why are you here? Do you like any of the products? Which ones?


I think it’s just a great DAC. The mods mentioned are so completely stunning, and I loved it before. That bridgeII makes for even more options.

Why are you so sensitive? I’m telling him to get the product and giving reasons not to wait

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Absolutely. Especially if some more expensive, current SOTA DAC you lust after is out of your reach, financially

The PSA DS Sr. is still one of the best performing DACs available as far as I can tell.

Just do it!


[Addendum: I now see you already pulled the trigger. Let us know what you think once the kit has settled in. Next to my speakers, the DS has proven to be the most impactful, tuneful piece of kit I have purchased so far along my 40+ year audio journey.]


I think people should only speak about products they have owned or at least auditioned with great care. This limits you to noise harvesters, right? Correct me if I’m wrong! It also seems like your patience/expectation level is atrocious when it comes to PS Audio. It’s a buzz kill for me. Okay, I’ll digress. Forever.

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I’m burning my DS and really really impressed with it…this baby came
singing right out of the box…

Indeed it is very tuneful, exquisitely detailed delivering a powerful bass punch
while extending an amazing 3D holographic soundstage…

Highly recommend …for those haven’t yet acquired one…get it…
Read my thread …

Best wishes everyone

PS …As good as the Holo May could be…I don’t think Kitsune can deliver the level
of service that PS Audio’s team does daily…my .02


I agree with you! Which is why I’ve never commented on the sound quality of PSA products. How could I? They aren’t available to hear at dealers. I wish they were. Maybe when audio shows return. Actually carefully listening to products is the only way to know if they are any good. We agree!

If your point is really that only fanboys can post on the forum, then I disagree and I’m sure the mods would also.


Enjoy your noise harvesters, demanding that lead engineers answer your questions, and discussing purchases with potential customers for the forum you’re on. Cheers!

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Had a pretty cool experience this morning at a local Audio Research and Wilson Audio dealer.

Walk into the main audition room and who is there listening to the new AlexxV speakers on ARC 160M monos, but none other than ARC guru Warren Gehl. Pretty cool. He goes, “I could get used to these speakers!”

I left him alone and went into another room where SabrinaX was playing via bel canto EX1 (wasn’t impressed as compared to Luxman 509X that I heard on those speakers in same room couple weeks ago).

Just mentioning here since AlexxV recently mentioned in this thread.


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