WOW Jazz at the Pawnshop

Try Vol 2 also.
For my tastes, I remember that I liked the set better on V.2.

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Well said!

And, also, I should have said this before…
It’s a really good day when you find something new and nice, that you like.


If you like the live jazz setting, and you are good with what HDTT does, I can highly recommend:

And then, if you like Ben, this is really good as well:

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purchased the vinyl late 1970s and SACD about 25 years ago

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Finally tracked down my misfiled copy. original JVC half-speed mastered double LP. Sonics are fine for 1977, and the performance is warm and on the spot. As far as vibraphone oriented music I’d prefer listening to MJQ. This is the quintessential late 70’s audiophile LP.

Is the same as yours?

translation: The recording took place at Stampen, Stockholm
14-15 December 1976
Recording: Gert Palmcrantz
Engraving: The Cutting Room
Molding and Pressing: Grammoplast AB,
Envelope drawings: Jonas Englund
Layout: Lasse Göransson Production: Jacob Boëthius
© 1977 Proprius förlag AB, Stockholm


Could be. It is an original 1977 Audio Source release.

I’m listening to their cover of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five from the D side second cut, and it isn’t doing much for me.

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I find that comment too short-sighted.
They play with emotion in a good ensemble.
The reason for the success at the time was the way the whole thing was recorded.
However, the different re-releases sound too different to me.

They play just fine.

But it is safe, listener-friendly, comfortable jazz. Nothing innovative, nothing which pushes the envelope, inoffensive. Great dinner party music.

This is one of the primary reasons the recording is as popular as it is.


But it does indeed sound like being there . :yum:

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Yes. Another reason the recording is as popular as it is.

Tempo is too fast, like they’re trying to wedge a favorite into their set. I agree.

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It is going back on the shelf. Once again should I mis-file it I will not put as much effort into trying to locate it as I did this go around. Its fine, but nothing special to these ears, it is comforting and safe at its best.

Okay. Some not fans of Jazz at The Pawnshop are here.
For the benefit of @Palouse, and the rest of us neophytes here, perhaps the non-fans can suggest a few of their “live jazz” favourites?
If we’re gonna raise the problem, let’s also offer a solution - Expand and grow the hobby and the hobbyists.

So, along with the Ben Webster already mentioned, one of my favourite discovery’s in recent time, and I know, not exactly jazz, but still a fun worthwhile listen:

Friday Night In San Francisco

So, what cool live jazz albums do you like?

Image source:ía-Friday-Night-In-San-Francisco

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There are so many! Two favorites of mine:

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That’s a great one as you suggest as are the following Impex reissue:



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To be clear, there is nothing wrong with easily approached comfortable jazz.

I put the Peanuts soundtracks in this category as well. While I find the Peanuts music tiresome, others here are great fans. Absolutely nothing wrong with differing preferences and opinions.

As far as live jazz recordings, many enjoy Keith Jarrett’s works, especially the Köln concert.


Regarding Keith Jarrett Koln is a fine starting point, and there are many good sounding live performances. Changeless with his Standards Trio comes to mind, as does the *** At The Deer Head Inn*** performance.

As I have said previously, music comes down to personal preference, and what moves one emotionally. Sonics for me can be an added benefit with the right performance.

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