wyred4 sound recovery

Have now been using the USB recovery for 5 days and I can say this is staying in my set up , after 30 min use I could here much more detail the words were much clearer the bass was more defined . Now after 5 days its has improved much more I needed to bring in my speaker about 25mm on the left side as the sound was clearly off to the right and both forward by 30mm the sound now was so sharp , deep and at times the hairs on my arms were standing up it was so different to what I was use to hear before and I am still using the supplied USB cable and wall power adapter so my next plan is to use a better cable and I have already bought a LPS which should be here next week .

I have tried the Regen and this did nothing in my set up so I was a bit unsure if to try the Recovery as they are some what similar in what they do but as it turns out it made a huge difference for me if you have tried the regen and it did not work for you this may be just what you need .

The power input uses the same pin hole as the regen so for those who have a LPS on the regen can use this for the recovery the voltage for the recovery is 9 volts but it will work from 5 volts to 9 volts so if you have options try different volts a different setting may give a better sound .

The Recovery is not expensive for what it does so it becomes a very affordable up-grade but when buying a LPS and better USB cable its pushes up the price but thats all up to you on how much to spend on a cable and LPS because there is so much to choose from and remember the most expensive is not always the best , and using what came with the Recovery still works very well .

Hi, I’ve just ordered a Recovery to go between by Aries and DS and am hoping to hear similar improvements. I’ll be interested to hear if the LPS makes an appreciable difference as that would be the next step for me too - which LPS have you ordered? Also, out of interest, what is your USB source and are you using any particular USB cable from your source to the Recovery, or just a big standard one?

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike

At the moment I am still using the supplied usb cable, this I will change at a later date when I have become more familiar with the sound with the LPS which will arrive next week from Hong Kong bought from swagman Lab .

My source is a SGR Music Kube all my CD are ripped to the SSD and then to the Recovery and then to DSD Dac via Audioquest Diamond usb cable . The cable that came with the recovery is doing a good job but as you know there is always something better .When the LPS arrives and after some burn in time I will let you know what the results are , I did not go over the top with the cost of the LPS with freight to Australia it was $125 US I have used these before good quality well built with results that out preform more costly LPS .

Well, I own the Intona and it is fantastic with a wide deep soundstage. I tried it with the Regen before it and after it, and the Intona unit sounds best solo. And…it only took 2 days for delivery from Germany!

So, the tweaker that I am I just ordered the Recovery unit.

So, when it is received I will try it with/without the Intona . I am using the Curious usb cables. For the Recovery, I will use the linear power supply that I used on my Regens.

My source is a Bryston BDP-2 into the Direct Stream Dac.

Thanks guys for the info. I’m new to Aries and USB connectivity to DS so trying to work out what’s best, but without spending too much! I’ve picked up a used Oyaide Continental USB which seems to work v nicely. Compared to coax input (reasonable cable but not same league as Oyaide) and there’s no comparison, so I’m definitely going down the USB route. I like the look of the Swagman LPS for the Recovery, good price and all the comments I can find appear positive so I’ve requested a quote to get one shipped to UK - also for the SE version. But need to confirm Recovery works well before doing that. I’m also not sure whether LPS or replacement of short USB cable should come first…any thoughts which would bring the greatest improvement?

Thanks again, Mike.

I preferred the Recovery to the Regen in my system too.