wyred4sound recovery

Hi mike

Just to update on how I am doing with my set up .

The Curious USB cable arrived before the LPS did so I have been running that in before I put on the LPS , straight away it was noticeable that the sound had changed , more detail was now noticeable on sounds which are further back in the 3D image not a huge amount but certainly there and the bass had also increased bigger and much more tighter . That was in the first day after 5 days I could still hear all I liked but the dynamics had gone softer all the detail was there but just seemed a little soft for me , after some time moving speakers a just a tad and cleaning cable connections it made a difference but still not there .

I removed the curious from my server to recovery put the Audioquest Diamond in and from the recovery to my Dac is were I put the curious in and straight away all was good more dynamic and again I was tapping the floor with my foot , the joy of music had returned .

So if you are going to use 2 different makes of USB cable try them in both directions 1 cable into the recovery and the other out then swap them around and see which you prefer it made a big difference in my set up .

Another thing that happened was after changing the cables around to my liking the volume had gone up I keep the volume on my pre amp always at 11,0clock position I had to go down to 9,0clock position it made no difference to my sound just a little strange . Another week with the cables in then I will connect the LPS and after some time I will report back and let you know on what the changes are .

Hi Petro,

Thanks for the update!

I received my W4S Recovery last week followed by the Curious regen link a few days later. I’m using an Oyaide Contintental between the Aries and the Recovery, the Curious between the DS and the Recovery and the standard PSU that came with the Recovery. Everything is plugged into a Vertex Taga and a seperately ring main for the whole system.

As it stands, I’m getting more enjoyment from the system than ever before. I can’t say the Aries is “better” than the PWT it replaced, or whether the B2 would be a further improvement, but the combination of the Aries, TAGA, Recovery and associated cables (all of which I funded by selling the PWT) is a significant improvement imo. More space, detail, tighter bass and basically everything more “engaging”. Add to that the convenience of the Lightening DS App and I’m very happy.

The Recovery on its own was a significant improvement and gets better and better. I haven’t yet played around with the cables to see how much difference they made or whether a change in order would affect things, but that’s because I’m simply enjoying the music too much t play around!

I’ll be very interested to hear what an LPS for the Recovery does for you.



Have had the LPS in place now for 2 weeks and this was a hard one to pick the difference , I could hear something was different on some cds and nothing on others played from my music server . Lots of listening and taking out and putting back in over many hours , plug straight into the wall out let the bass was bigger but had some booming to it so its plug into the P5 and all under control tighter and had more decay to it .

Where it became noticeable was when I listen to music with female vocals that seemed a little harsh / bright like Adel this now is more relaxed and gentle to the ears , the sound of the piano is now more natural . I did manage to borrow 2 other makes of LPS costing 4 times more from a couple of my friends and the results were the same so it seems that the Recovery does not require a expensive LPS to get the best from it well at least in my set up .

Was this worth it , yes for me it was Recovery , USB Cable and LPS all up $500 not a huge amount for the overall upgrade in sound I could have spent many more times this amount on speaker cables to get better sound so it actually saved me money so for now speaker cables will stay for another 2 years before I think about changing them by then I would have had them for 6 years .

Having the 3 items in place has made the music I listen to more enjoyable , exciting and can sit there for hours with no fatigue If I had to give them a value from 1-10 on the improvement they made to my set up it would be this .

Recovery 7

Curious USB 5


Now the LPS is marked low but in the chain of all 3 items it does make a difference for others who have a computer based HIFI it may make a bigger difference as my friend who lent me his Naim power supply in his computer based system its very noticeable when he removed his power and used mine the sound became very dull . Use the best when quality is needed or second best when in my case it was not needed its always good when you can try something for free to see what works best .

Hope this has helped you Mike on your thoughts if you want to go the LPS way .