Wyred For Sound Reclockers With Directstream


Does anyone use any Wyred For Sound reclockers like the Remedy for the SPDIF inputs of the Direct Stream?

I am using an old Micromega Solo CD player as a transport and am wondering if there will be any benefits to adding a Remedy to the chain.

What is putting me off is the additional digital cable and switching power supply involved.

Any experienced opinions appreciated.


No experience with the Wyred4Sound Remedy but I do have their Sonos Connect with “upgraded” digital output. It’s similar to the Remedy, but built in. I did not notice any improvement with my gear so I tried to return it within one week. It’s NOT a “no hassle” guaranty. They convinced me to not return it in order to let it burn in. By the time I finally realized there was no burn-in improvement, it was past their return policy. They refused to honor the fact that I had asked for a return within one week of receiving it and only kept it longer due to their insistence. Expensive lesson.

You never know what components will do (improve or degrade) your sound until you try them out. Just make sure there’s a fair return policy. This is the reason I recently became a PS Audio customer. There was no risk in trying out their products. Fortunatelly, I’m extremelly happy with my purchases, so everything’s a keeper.

I use W4S products with their linear power supplies. Mine is a complex system with an async USB source feeding a DEQX digital crossover that has three S/PDIF coax outputs (to feed three Directstreams into my active speaker setup). I therefore needed one Recovery and three Remedys plus the linear PSUs (so a very expensive set of equipment). The difference was dramatic in terms of focusing the sound such that things like the words being sung and phrasing were much better because the sound was only three dimensional when the recording was made that way. If you can afford it I’d recommend trying it. I can’t tell you whether the linear PSU was a big improvement over the SMPSs (it’s fed from a P10 so that’s another part of the expense). Good luck, Dan.

I should add that I have another Remedy that feeds the digital crossover’s S/PDIF coax input. I knew the input to it was very jittery (glassy sound) and the Remedy cleaned things up dramatically. I really think it’s worth trying (although IIRC my Marantz 63 Ki Sig sounded pretty good feeding the crossover without reclocking).