XLO CD Demagnetizing sweep

I have a copy of the XLO Test and Burn in CD from when it was the Sheffield/XLO CD (10041-2). Based on the recent discussion around the effectiveness of this CD on the SQL, I’d like to try it. Unfortunately, it was part of a basement leak some 25 years ago and while the CD appears okay, the pages of the booklet are stuck together and unreadable. Does anyone have this CD and could they paste a copy of pages 7 - 10 so that I can use the CD? I can provide an email link if Elk could guide me.

Let me see If I can locate my copy…

Here you go and it was easy-peasy, as I did not hve to root around for my copy. Now I wonder just where did I put it?

XLO-Sheffiled Test CD


Appreciate that - I’ve gleaned how to use Tracks 6 and 7 from various posts but I’m concerned about volume settings and damaging system components, especially speakers and subwoofer.

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Moderation is your friend.

Does a low volume produce the degaussing effect?

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I have used the XLO CD only to break in speakers. Basically I wired the speakers out of phase facing each other and let them play. Common sense regarding your equipment, tolerance for intrusive noise, etc comes into play when using the CD and setting levels. Degaussing, well you tell me of your experience, as I only used it for speaker break-in. Musically the CD was not my flavor.

I’ve used Cardas Ayre Acoustics burn-in CD for years.

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Many thanks for sending this detail. I feel better informed in using the disc.


I caution to not use this too much, as it can have a bleaching effect on the sound.

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Thanks for the warning. Does the bleach-like effect go away?

Hi Mike,
Yes, it definitely goes away. I sometimes play the pink noise track to calm the system down if I get the bleaching effect. Or I restart my source. Or I just play music for an hour or so, at lower volume than normal, as the bleaching produces a harsh sound.

I wish I could offer guidance on how often to run the degaussing tracks. I haven’t found a reliable pattern, as it seems to rely on a number of different variables. I would say play them at a low volume, though. Louder volumes can cause some rattling from the bass and some loud high frequency sound.

I like the XLO, as I find it is the least harsh of the degaussing tracks out there. Also, unlike most degaussing CDs, it has the descending track, which is great for the bass.


Cool, have you tried it? How often do you need to play it?

I use the Tara Labs one burned to a CD. It seems to help clean up the system. I run it for a while after I install something new. Tara Labs - CASCADE Noise Burn-In

Thanks everyone for the feedback - especially wijber and George P. Used the XLO per instructions - the SQ change- if any - was pretty minor.

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Demagnetising CDs seem degausses my ears / brains along with my system. LOL… The clean function on the power plant does so silently, so it degausses the system only!

Now seriously, with the XLO CD, the biggest improvement to me is in the mid-bass region.

They recommend using it once a month.
I use the CD less, maybe every 3 months and then usually 2 times in a row.
In my case, the effect is very subtle.
Everything sounds easier.

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Ha I remember connecting a (crystal) cartridge on an old Garrard deck to the output of an amp, proving I could hear the signal vibrating the cartridge, and allowing me to “cut” new audio into a sacrificial record with silent bits :slight_smile:

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