XLR and RCA connected at ssme time on Stellar 300

I just got a Stellar 300 to go with my Cambridge Audio Azure 851N for 2 channel. I also have a DenonX8500H for movie and tv watching. Everything runs through the Denon. Is it possible to hook the Denon to the 300 via RCA, then my Cambridge via XLR so I dont need to use the Denon for 2ch?

It’s not a great idea to hook up both the Denon and the Cambridge at the same time. You can have some weird impedance imbalance going on, and will possibly harm the sound quality. Don’t worry about hurting anything though. It would be ideal if the Cambridge had some kind of HT bypass.

Thanks for the reply. I though maybe each input to the amp would only be active when either unit is on feeding the signal. Was hoping to just run the Cambridge and Stellar when listening to 2ch without having to connect and disconnect cables. Guess I’ll have to leave the Cambridge hooked to my Denon.

On another note. Using the speaker posts for biwiring, does it matter which ones connect to HF or LF on each channel?

Gotcha. Nope, doesn’t matter which you feed to HF or LF. Both are feeding the exact same signal.