Presenting the finest-sounding cat perch in Jerusalem :)


Looks nice! There were several replies yesterday but they have disappeared. Methinks there is a ghost in the machine.

I notice that the cat is color-coordinated with the audio equipment . . . is it the other way around? cool

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all be happy with our systems simply because they were nice and warm to lay on? wink


LOL. This is kind of a weird hodgepodge of stuff b/c I have some of my better equipment here and some in NJ… I recently built a new server (somewhat uprated CAPS v3 Zuma) which is in NJ along with my Berning tube amps and new Rythmik sub. But in this pic, under the Feline Anti-Vibration & Standing Wave Absorption Device, are my Magnum Dynalab receiver, The Directstream, P5, P500 which at this point only powers my Acoustech phono pre and VPI turntable, and a modified TNE-7000 transient noise suppressor and Nak 2 cassette deck (which is purely decorational at this point really) and Headamp Gilmore headphone amp. Speakers here are Merlin TSM-MM’s (Bobby Palkovic has been through so many revisions of these that I forget which version mine are, but I will have them upgraded to the latest at some point ) and Von Schweikert sub which is out of the photo. I am using the wife’s old Dell laptop as a test server for PS Audio beta testing purposes, and the “production” server is a little Atom D525 box I built quite a long time ago now, but which still runs great (J River 20.x) Cables are Kimber 8TC and Shunyata Black Mamba interconnects with mainly PS Audio power cords, a few Shunyata power cables are mixed in.

BTW the voltage here is of course 240. I run the whole system though at 120: The P5 is plugged into a 20-Amp Stancor stepdown transformer (my father was an EE and he taught me to never cheap out on transformers of any kind :)). The P500, which has a 240v primary, is plugged directly into the wall and outputs 120v/60hz.

Anyway, I am still breaking in my Directstream - it has a ways to go yet. But so far I will say this: I heard the DS when i was at PS Audio earlier this year, and compared it to the PWD II, which is what i had previously. For whatever reason, I was much more floored by the differences when I heard it in my own system, even not-broken in.

The Magnum Dynalab btw has been running day in and day out for 10-11 years now with a cat on it, and that thing is as rock-solid as any piece of equipment I have ever known. Great company, as of course is PSA. :)