Yang to my Focal Utopia's yin?


A good friend has LCD-4’s that he drives with his BHK preamp and that sounds wonderful. It will also play loud enough to damage your hearing, if “that’s your jam.”


@RonP Thanks for the info. My hearing is probably damaged from loud race cars and construction equipment but I don’t listen to ear splitting music anymore. The “right” volume and more fidelity is the goal now. :grinning: Good news that the two work good together.


Over in my part of town we often call it paralysis by analysis :slight_smile:

If you go with ZMF Auteur, I would get the cocobolo wood, although I have not heard it, I have both the Teak version and the blackwood version and preferred the denser black wood by a good margin. Teak sounded flatter, where as the blackwood have more pop to the instrumemts. I am guessing cocobolo is similar, but can’t say for sure.


Thanks. There is a stocking ZMF dealer about an hour away. I think I will check them out but I am also leaning pretty hard toward the Audeze LCD-4. An LCD-3 also crept into view from the sidelines this morning. :thinking:


To add to the craziness, watch today’s Steve Guttenberg “Audiophiliac” youtube video re., his most favorite headphones.


Oh crap…