YG Sonja 2.2

Yesterday I had a chance to hear YG Sonja 2.2 speakers at my dealer.
A very impressive demo, up there with the other super systems I have had the chance to hear at shows: Wilson Alexx / D’Agostino Relentless, Magico M6 / Nagra etc.

Right now, using the sonjas. Sweet sound. The main difference for me regarding the wilsons is the sealed design. The bass is less punchy, but much faster and precise. Better to my taste. Regarding the magicos, I did prefer the YG mid-range. More transparent.

Yes, they were amazingly transparent and fast, but indeed I was looking for more bass. Maybe the 2.3s with the additional bass module?
Anyway, you are a lucky man, enjoy!

When I listened to the 2.3, the bass got, let’s say, “more foundation”, but not punchier. That is, it did not change the main character of the speakers. One thing you got to take into consideration is that the woofer x-over is at 65hz. That is, the woofer modules is basically for the sub-bass.

Since the 2.3 were a bit too big for my room, I opted for the 2.2.

For me, easy decision against the magicos. Tough decision regarding the wilsons.