You should have been there


I just got back from a great evening, Up close and personal with Sara Hickman with about 40 people in my friend’s living room. Solo voice and acoustic guitar and no amplification to mess with the sound. Sara is a Lovely girl, bright and friendly and she gives great hugs! :slight_smile:

The concert was followed by the usual song circle with friends playing and singing - some very well and some not so well but all enjoyable. Sara even added a few songs to the circle. This is one of my references for what real music sounds like.

If you have the opportunity to attend a house concert I STRONGLY recommend it. These things are usually good even if it is not your favorite music genre, but at least something that you are okay with.

It is late and time to think about getting some sleep… but I had to post this while it was still fresh. :slight_smile:



Opportunities like this are also available to those who invest in budding artists through Kickstarter. I just missed the chance to have a favorite band of mine play at my place. I did not know that their Kickstarter plan was up and got there too late. For a certain donated amount, an artist or band will play you a private concert. The dollar amount would be too stiff for an individual like myself but a group of fans could put the money together easily and have a great evening like J.P. Some of the artists are well established and are starting new projects so the quality can be amazingly high.


I have been to such events with small chamber groups. Great fun!


Yes, chamber groups in the living room would be great too.