Your Best Value Bargain Audio Purchase

When we said good buy to my parents to relocate from The Netherlands to Texas my Dad gave me his Thorens TD105 turntable. It was the best value for the money back than when he had bought it more than 40 years ago.


  • the use when me and my sisters were young throwing parties when the parents left home
  • the transport in a container forth and back the Atlantic Ocean
  • that it still has all original parts including the belt
  • it plays wonderful and every single function (full automatic) still works

It is the best bang for the bucks ever. The reason I have not purchased a TD 1601 yet is that my wife wants me to replace the TD 105 with it and that is simply not going to happen.

For me, fun in playing music is not limited to sound quality only.


With my system starting in black hard to switch over to silver"

Would really like to see a return of the gold color on gear facias
similar in color to Accuphase and Marantz units of the 70’s.

PS Audio’s silver is a bit too cold for me…

Best wishes

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