''You've been upgraded to TIDAL HiFi Plus at no extra cost!''

Appears like Tidal is allowing downgrade to HiFi only without MQA.

Tidal HiFi Plus. It costs $19.99 monthly and will be home to Tidal’s most premium audio content. You’ll need HiFi Plus for “best-in-class immersive sound formats” including Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Audio tracks. Tidal’s Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) recordings are also reserved exclusively for the higher HiFi tier.

Plot thickens…

I was sharing a friends Family account and it went away so I subscribed myself. I thought I signed up for the HiFi account so I was puzzled when I got the you’ve been upgraded message. I don’t MQA beyond the first unfold Roon does.



You have to log into your account and do the downgrade to HiFi manually and it will cut your cost in half. Just did mine as I only keep it because our daughter uses it and some small independent labels are there that aren’t on Qobuz. I don’t have any MQA gear now that Auralic has no workaround anymore nor does she.

I’m confused. I mention they just upgraded me to HiFi for free and without asking. I’ll have to see what I signed up for last month. The family account wasn’t mine and it went away.


They basically just changed the name and added some gimmicks to try and justify being so much higher priced than Qobuz. The new HiFi tier is back to what we all had to start with prior to MQA and half the price. If you don’t have any MQA gear you won’t lose anything.


I wonder if, in five years, Atmos and other flavors will be standard or if they’ll fade?

I’m also wondering if Spotify will be launching Atmos, etc. when they have a lossless tier?

I’m just glad Qobuz is still an option.

Aside from availability, why would anyone subscribe to TIDAL when there’s Qobuz?

Because many times Tidal has things Qobuz doesn’t. It’s nice to have choices.

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You can get a military discount for veterans

I am not a Veteran.

I have not listened to Tidal for a few weeks. After I got the “free upgrade” email I decided to check it out. There are more songs in my playlists with “master” quality than before. More importantly, the SQ seems a lot better than I remembered.

But I installed two SR Purple fuses in P15 and in BHK Pre a few weeks ago, Plus I just did the 3M AB7050 absorber MOD too. So, the improvement could be all due to that.

I wonder if others think Tidal sounds better than before. If you do not think there is any improvement is SQ from Tidal now, I highly suggest you get the purple fuse and do the absorber MOD if you have a PSA generator.

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Add me to the Tidal is better than I remembered list.