100 hour burn-in (actually 500 hours for DS DAC)

I keep reading 100 hours burn-in of audio device is needed to realize its full sonic capability. 2 hours of listening per week takes takes 50 weeks to get the burn-in complete.

Do you guys just leave the system ON for days together to achieve faster burn-in?

HI @karthick,

The quick answer is yes.

When I got my Direct Stream DAC, I queued up some music from Tidal using Roon. I also turned on Roon radio so it would continue to play when the first album I chose ended. I left this going constantly for > 200 hours, sampling the sound quality every day when I got home from work.

Different devices can be broken in differently, for example on the DAC I didn’t bother to turn on my pre-amp so no one needed to listen to whatever is playing.

When breaking in other devices, like speakers, you would naturally need to actually play music through them, and the more varied the music the better.

Good luck on whatever you are breaking in.

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Short answer - on continuously 7x24.

My new PSA DSD DAC Sr has been burning in for 540 hours continuously and is 54% complete. My new Luxman Integrated amplifier, 509X, was burned in for 375 hours before settling in. With an amplifier, pair of speakers, or speaker cables one can wire the speakers out of phase and place them face to face running FM white noise or other white noise source. This results in minimal sound in the room while providing for an effective burn-in. With a tube amplifier I prefer to be in the room during burn in just in case of a tube short, gassy tube, failed cap or bias resistor problem.

Some gear like Conrad Johnson use Teflon caps that take 500 hours of burnin. Even CJ recommends 500 hours. I replaced all the PIO caps in my BAT preamp and I thought I ruined it until the caps had 150 hours on them and then the preamp was back to its great sound. It sounded bright and edgy until 150 hours or so.

The pair of M700 monoblocks I just bought sounded awful for the first several hours, peaky, bright, edgy and closed in, then it started to smooth out and it keeps getting better. I have about 50-60 hours on them and they keep getting better.


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How do you know so precisely that its 54% done? Did I open another Pandora box? I have been blissfully using my PS Audio Sr without doing any burn-in for the last 2 years. I might have listened for say 100 hours.

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I’m guessing they are joking.

@Go_Yanks M700s take a lot a lot of burn-in.

@karthick Burn-in is a very odd phenomenon. I’ve experienced it over and over again. Yes. leave components on 24x7 playing music if possible. Only thing I turn off is my Tube amp.

If component sit for a long time it takes a while for them to burn-in again. Not the same as the first time you turn it on.

On the same topic. If you bought new speakers after playing them for 300ish hours really hammer on them for an hour or so. Make sure you are not clipping. Wear ear protection or leave the room. Really does wonders.

I think he’s calling 1000 hours done, 540 is 54% of 1000. I too leave it all on except for anything with tubes, for years now.

100 hours in 2 years?! We do that in about 10 days around my place

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Ted Smith recommended 1,000 hours.

No, I’m comfortable with 300-500 for the DS. Somewhere in there the changes are probably less that the changes in our hearing day to day or the cleaner power in the evenings. Some have reported longer times like 800 or 1000. I’m not going to argue, but I know I can’t hear a difference out there.


“I have been blissfully using my PS Audio Sr without doing any burn-in for the last 2 years. I might have listened for say 100 hours.”


Please give me a workable solution here… @tedsmith has spoken and its 300-500.
So if I run DS 10 hours non-stop everyday (without connecting to amp), do you see any issues?

Will DS become super hot? I have never run DS that long :frowning:

Since you are reading this @tedsmith… thanks for Windom and the video recording on top of the mountain was nice!

The DS can be left on all of the time. It does not get hot.

For burn in, the DS needs to be receiving a signal and needs to be connected to a preamp or amp. The preamp or amp need not be turned on and can be left off.

Thanks @Elk. So I presume that I can run it straight 500 hours by playing Roon radio and not turning on the amp. That would be ~15 days of continuous play to get into range (i already have 100 hours on my DS).

Are there any particular type of music? or anything works? I know the question looks dumb but audio nuances seems to be never ending, better later than never!

You are correct, just feed it an audio signal from any input and any type of music and let it run. No harm whatever you choose.

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I doubt it matters what you play.

I suggest engaging the -20dB attenuator as this makes the DS work a little harder, hastening burn-in.

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Also place attenuator IN and vol at 106…play roon radio and check it in 2 months

sorry Elk I replied before I saw your message above…


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No offense to Mr. Smith but at 1,000 you will hit magic all of a Sudden…Like a new world all of a sudden…I ran mine for 46 days straight…and it is still not off…not ever…your 100 hours have be over a 2 year period…I would ignore that 100 hours…too spread out

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can you please elaborate? what should I do to engage -20dB attenuator?

@tonydennison - Also how can i set vol to 106 while the max vol is only 100?!

It’s the “DAC level” button between the volumes on the remote. You should hear the volume drop significantly.

Some people myself included. Find listening to the attenuator engaged crushes the music. Other people systems it doesn’t have that much of an effect on.

So when you want to enjoy music you might want to turn it off.

when the attenuator is in, your vol will drop 20db or 40 vol clicks, and your vol will be able to go to 106, on your remote is a Dac Level button, press it and an L will show up at the bottom of the DSD’s screen.