1st impressions BHK 300 and Pre

Started blind by getting a DirectStream DAC sight unseen earlier this summer. The Pre and 300s arrived yesterday and spent the night burning in. I cheated yesterday and did some critical listening.

1st thing I noticed yesterday was the improvement in bass. I disconnect my sub yesterday as I wanted to hear what the new gear brought. At higher volumes I would have sworn the subwoofer was still in the system, except it was much smoother and blended in with the music better. At lower volumes the bass fell away and I missed the sub. We’ll have to see what happens here once the Pre and 300s break in.

Yes, these do generate some heat, lots more then I’m used to. Perhaps will be a blessing once winter comes and we are hitting -28 again.

Getting balanced interconnects but there are about 2 weeks out. My best single ended cables, as well as every other pair I tried gave me lots of hum out of the speakers. This cleared up as soon as I put some borrowed cheapo balanced cables between the Pre and Amps.

Right now, I’m sitting back and listening to “Wolfman Washington” with a cup of coffee to hear how they sound after being on overnight.

Overall they this upgrade just pulled the music together, effortless is the word that comes to mind. No regrets here

Next steps, looking for a nice wool rug, hopeful a P10 or P15, and tweeting the room.

Betch’a Wolfman sounds fabulous.

Didn’t suck. LOL

Perhaps Lise has better feedback than anything I could say. She has been supportive but not really appreciating all the upgrades to the system, that is until yesterday. She walked in with a huge smile, took the tablet from my hand and pulled up “Dead can dance” and told me I was in her seat. Too funny, she is commented that it sounds just like its live! Its a huge comment for her.

She also asked when if I was gonna get that power thingy I’ve been talking about. Having her thumbs up to spend even more money on this project is even more telling. Looks like I’ll be ordering a regenerator next week.