My new BHK Pre and 250 Amp review

So about 200 hours on them now. Traded in a VAC Signature MKIII Pre and a VAC PHI 200, and I have no regrets. I’be been all about VAC for 20 years, so this was a leap of faith. I have no complaints with the sound of either component. The one feature missing that I would like to have is the ability to adjust the input levels so volume settings are equal for all components attached to the pre.

Welcome, Duddley!

This is indeed quite a leap. Are you pleased with the change?

Welcome Dudley. I’m listening to my BHK preamp and 250 right now and I couldn’t be happier with the sound. I’ve had the 250, DSD Dac and DMP for about year now, and just added the pre a little under 2 weeks ago. Adding the pre made a huge improvement in the sound, and elevated the enjoyment factor to new heights. If you like how things are sounding now, you’re in for a real treat when everything is fully broken in.

Thanks. How long did it take for your amp and pre to fully break in?

So far, so good. I would’t say it’s better than the VACs, but it is different and just as high quality.


Welcome Duddley! Great to hear you’re loving the new pieces so far. I’m sure Gary has some good info on burn in time, but BHK gear tends to like at least 250 hours under their belt before really singing. More is certainly advised though.

I burned-in the DMP, DSD, and BHK 250 all at once, so hard to tell how much time for each individual piece. But it took close to 1000 hrs to fully break everything in. I’m burning in the BHK preamp now and have around 300 hrs on it, and it’s still changing everyday, so not there yet.