Sounds Great! Less Filling!

I don’t have a large area for my electronics. In the last 18 months have migrated from the NAD Masters Series components to the ones in the photo. Last year I purchased the DirectStream DAC, still knocks my socks off, the amount of detail this extracts from my digital audio files! The other day replaced the Furman power filter with the P10 Power Plant and that made a significant (additional) improvement!

Thanks PS Audio, I enjoy this system several times a week!Evans-Audio-Electronics-2015-March.jpg

Very nice. You’ve crammed a lot of good equipment into a small space. What matters most is the enjoyment you get.

Nice cans!! I have the HD800 as well. I bought the cardas clear balanced cables, did the mods and took out the dust covers. I’m driving them with the extra balanced out of my tube preamp.

I really enjoy the HD800’s. My elderly mother-in-law lives with us, so the Sennheiser’s get a lot of use! I recently upgraded to a Wireworld Silver Eclipse cable for the cans, made a nice improvement.

Not in the picture: a pair of Totem Element Fire monitors and a Velodyne Optimum 10 sub woofer.

Very happy with the sound!

There’s got to be a great mother in law joke in all this. I have to get back to you on it.


About 18 months ago I moved down to our family room, now known as the “man cave”, being a much larger room, my “justification” for a number of upgrades. Notice the bass traps on the walls, 10 of them in total, completing what my loving wife calls my “padded cell”.Evans-Audio-System-2017.jpg

Since this photo was taken, I’ve ordered a DirectStream transport to replace the PWT sitting on top of the P10 and DirectStream DAC.