2020 RMAF Cancelled

Received news from Marjorie in an email this AM that this year’s Rocky Mtn. Audio Fest has been cancelled.

From the announcement:
“For some of you, this may come as a relief; for others, perhaps not. Either way, you may rest assured that we are facing the future with optimism and exuberance, and plan to use the coming year to explore new ways of making RMAF better and more enjoyable for everyone! We remain open to your suggestions and insights and look forward to a time when our closely knit circle of friends can gather again in celebration of sound!”

Sign of the times, I guess.

my 14yr old son is really getting into music (good music) and the associated gear. He was really looking forward to this.
Just have to take the 20 mile trip down to the Boulder music room and let him get a listen to Paul’s gear.