Axpona Cancelled

I just received this letter today.

This truly sucks but I understand their reasoning. I will be interested to see how the vendors respond since it appears they currently aren’t offering any refunds…I don’t agree with that but my guess is they don’t have the cash on hand and had to invest it with the venue to lock in rooms…I am still likely going to Chicago that weekend to enjoy some sites but also am considering RMAF if they still hold it…would be great to hit the show and possibly going by PSA to see the Sound Room if they are there…I want to the hear the IRS V once in my life :slight_smile:

The rest of 2020 is cancelled.


Pretty much.

Will this further delay the debut of the new disc transport or the FR-30 speakers?

I was thinking that maybe PS Audio could look at the locations of its members and rent a space in a hotel. Set up reservations, 10 at a time, and demo the F-30. Pick the destinations that have a large forum population through out the country. Just saying.