Stereophile drops out of RMAF

Stereophile Magazine

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Having reviewed recent research and the current COVID situation, Stereophile has, with regret, decided not to attend the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We’ll be staying at home and listening to our favorite tunes, avoiding the risk of infection to ourselves and to others. Importantly, we do not wish to play a part in further spreading the disease: We believe it’s time to hunker down, do the right thing, and put this pandemic behind us.

To audiophiles and our industry friends: Whether or not you decide to attend the show, we urge you to be careful and stay safe. We wish the show’s organizers all the best in this and future years.–Jim Austin, Editor


Is Stereophile attending AXPONA?

Don’t know.

In case you missed it, AXPONA has been rescheduled from October 29-31, 2021 until April 22-24, 2022. Presumably we’ll all be much better then! Uh huh …

A difficult but correct call in my opinion by Jim Austin and the Stereophile crew. I have not confirmed the quote is accurate, but it does appear to be sensible.

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This is very bad news for all the companies unveiling new products at RMAF.
Will TAS be at RMAF?