RMAF 2019 - Any Forum Participants Attending?

Thought I’d touch base to see who may be attending that uses this forum as I find myself in the Boulder area in early September and may attend the RMAF.
I am also curious as to what PS Audio may have on demonstration, and if it will be a live demonstartion versus a static display.

Yes indeed! I will be there. :grin:

I’m considering a visit to PS Audio and RMAF. But I have a few things that may impact the dates that the event is on.

We’ll be at RMAF with the new version of the AN3 loudspeakers and yes, a live demo featuring Stellar Phono with a turntable setup by Matt of VPI. There’s also rumors that Michael Fremer might spend some time doing some demos of his great record collection.

Look forward to hearing the new products and meeting your team.

Count me in. I’m Looking forward to demoing Darrens labor of love. What Paul has cooked up for the next version of the AN3. Also, I hope to get by PS Audio to see the new room(s). Last year they were just past the framing stage. The new venue should be very nice as well!!!

Good chance I’ll be attending for the first time this year.

Wish I could attend. Boulder, Colorado seems like a nice place to visit.

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I’d been to a bunch of RMAFs and saw the decline over the recent years. When I saw the info about the new venue for this year I took a look at it. Seemed like this new place is pretty isolated. Kind of in the middle of nowhere. Unless you stay at the convention center (expensive), there is no other lodging within easy walking distance. Similarly there is very little in the way of dining alternatives without having to get in the car and drive over to Tower Road. Since IMO this is RAMF’s attempt to recover from a (again IMO) a downward spiraling show, I decided not to go. I’d been overlapping with AXPONA the last 3 or 4 years and frankly I think that right now is a stronger show with a sense of growth. In this country at least.

I’ll be attending on Saturday :+1:. I’m working Friday and Sunday so it’s my only option. I live in Colorado Springs so I’m only about a 90 minute drive from the event.

Boulder is great. Since our plan was to be in Boulder I thought I’d give RMAF a shot. This would be my first RMAF. AXPONA 2019 was pretty good. It has been many years since I attended any audio convention. My wife is planning an alternate activity for herself while I am eyeing the “Audio-Porn”.

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Great info. I ran into some of the some of the same issues when planning this out. The new venue is rather isolated. I’m ok with that as I prefer some distanc, from the venue to wind down. With that in mind we planned an overnight away from the airport area in Denver. Otherwise, preferring the outdoors it’s Boulder and the mountains for us. Agreed AXPONA was quite good. It helps that it is more or less in my backyard.

Paul, will there be new Info about the status of the speakers in the thread before you show them at RMAF or do you want to surprise people there first?

I am planning on the Friday unless something comes up.

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Don’t know how many AN3s you have lying around - but have you considered setting a pair up in music room 1 and see if people want to take the 40 min drive in optimum conditions? Just a thought.

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I’m going - not sure which days yet. Have a 3-day pass, so likely Fri-Sat.

Friday for me

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When we’re in production that’s exactly the plan.