2021 factory tour?

Is PSAudio open for factory tours? I believe I recall reading a while ago due to COVID the tours are not available, didn’t know if things have changed?

On my way back from a ski trip and wouldn’t mind checking out the new speakers, seeing if there are any specials on the m1200 amps and have another listen to the IRS V’s

Totally understand if the tours are not available

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We’d love to have ya but sadly we are still closed to the public. I’m still working here in the home office and there’s been little talk about bringing me and the team back.

How about a virtual or video tour? Not the same as being able to experience the the listening rooms but it would be great to see the facility!

I hope things get back on track earlier rather than later this year. I’d love to do RMAF and hit PSA while I’m at it, if it’s at all possible.

Hey Jamesh I agree with paul172…how about a virtual tour…?

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Funny you two mention it. This was brought up in one of our meetings this week. It might be a little lame because the building would almost seems empty with so many folks working at home. Are you more curious about seeing the building and all that jazz?

That would be nice…but the guys behind the scene would complete the
the video …perhaps one without and then later one with the team in their
places doing what they do…

It would be interesting to see the team assemble a P20 and a
BHK 300 to see how they handle the heft of these behemoths!!

I’d be virtually stoked about an e-tour…

And we’re e-walking… we’re e-walking… :laughing:

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Yeah we are a funny bunch

I know there is a tour of Audioquest on YouTube. Basically a walk thru explaining the work stations, offices, and production warehouse and of course the music rooms! I think it would be very cool! Especially for those who would like to stop by on a weekend to tour the facility and can’t because of covid. So the best option now is the video tour. Just make sure you throw a blanket over all the secret proprietary stuff! Lol

I do know there is a lot of music room videos of the IRS V’s online but it would be nice to tour the whole facility.

Thanks James

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I figured you were still locked down but thought I would ask. I think 2 years ago you took my girlfriend and myself on a tour, we both really enjoyed it and would like to do it again, hopefully next year if we are in the area and Covid is on its way out

Kinda funny we were driving from Vegas (just got married) to Salt Lake City and we were both thinking literally at the same time about wanting to take a tour at the same time… she really enjoyed it.

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Awesome! So glad y’all enjoyed it!
I’ll get with the team and Paul and see if there’s something we can do. I think a well produced video would be pretty cool.

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I vote for a full length feature motion picture documentary! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Y’know, 2 hours, credits, re-enactments with the real folk, reel film, perhaps 3D, Spielberg & all. But 2 channel sound of course. No Dolby Digital.

But withOUT super heroes…

Galldang can we just take a good long break from the 98% FX and 2% story superhero flicks?? Nothing screams fine cinema and trained acting skills like Superdude & CoolAdjectiveGal meet Insectguy & SingleWordNounPerson VS PeriodTableElementMan & RandomMammalChick - The Rogue Return Reboot Of The Final Resurgence Battle in the Revenge Retribution Reckoning 2 Part XLMVIII…
(Sorry my micro-rant inner curmudgeon is poking out & showing…Better tighten the belt on my CrankyPants… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

(Except the PS Staff of course…You’re our Superheroes… :nerd_face:)


Great idea! We are on it!


Thanks Paul! Looking forward to seeing the tour!