2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Anyone watching? They’re visually stunning.

I am recording it to watch some other time.

The last time the Chinese performed an opening ceremony it was absolutely incredible. Thus I do not want to miss this one.

Breathtaking even in 1080p.

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i don’t like this propaganda show.
Feel sorry for the athlets who trained hard.



The Olympics have been for show, propaganda and otherwise, for a very long time now - regardless where it is held. And then there is the shenanigans of the IOC at Sochi, etc.

The athletes I feel sorry for are those who trained for the 1980 and 1984 games only to lose the opportunity to compete as the U.S. and the Soviet Union boycotted each others’ games, along with dozens of other countries. Tragically sad.


I don’t necessarily disagree with any of the sentiment here but keep in mind, these athletes are not their governments. This is likely the biggest platform they could ever hope to be recognized on. They’re often also not their respective nation’s most well-to-do citizens. If you’re not playing mens basketball in the Olympics, your at the mercy of sponsors,

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If you are fortunate enough to have sponsors, most do not. Many work multiple jobs and sacrifice a great deal to compete.

No, it is far from a perfect system. But there is a lot of good in it.

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LOL, even in 1080p. My how things change for the better.


Absolutely agree that 1080p can provide a great picture especially now that powerful processors can upscale so well on 4K panels. Here in the UK the BBC have a streaming service called iPlayer which occasionally will stream in UHD to a set that can accept it.

Because I have one large room my TV is in the centre between my main hifi speakers hence, so far, it’s just a 55" LG of 2017 vintage (I was worried that a 65" would be too reflective of sound when using the hifi). This set produces a fantastic picture when viewed from 18’ away (I don’t use the main hifi for TV sound, I use an 80wpc amp with Anthony Gallo Strada2 speakers and a 10" sub). The set upscales 576i or 1080p really well (the latest lower spec LG panels are awful).

And we’re coerced into taking certain medical treatments as part of the terms for participating in the games.

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Better safe than sorry as the saying goes.

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Some of us have known those who no longer have the luxury of either.

Correct. I have been to 2 funerals in the last few weeks. A purchasing agent at one of my customers just passed from the same lack of trust in the system so that will make 3.