24/192 Jamcast stream to PWD from Spotify

Has anyone experienced this? I can stream flac files okay to my PWD MkII using mconnect with jamcast, but using jamcast’s “play desktop audio to” perfectwave dac, I’m currently playing the spotify windows app (on my desktop), and streaming it through my soundcard to the PWD bridge via ethernet.

Now, I’m trying to improve the SQ of the Jamcast stream from my PC to the PWD MkII bridge. The soundcard’s default output format of 16/48 is decent at the moment, but… it can be better. So I changed the realtek PC soundcard output from 16/48 to 24/192 but the bridge just goes silent everytime I change upwards, when I change back down to 16/48, it works and plays audio fine again.

Okay I solved my problem kind of… 3 months after!

I got the Free Stream what you hear (SWYH) UPnP/DLNA server and spotify premium (so I get 320kbps streams from spotify)

The wonderful SWYH server installed on my desktop plays my spotify stream in PCM L16 uncompressed to my perfectwave DAC2.

Its not perfect, but at least I get late night unlimited spotify playlists! Im suprised nobody ever mentioned SWYH!

Jamcast was nice, but it has too many features and plugins for the simple task I wanted.

The SWYH just works. Its a simple elegant solution