Max SD size

When I had a PWD, there were occasions when some were having difficulty with firmware loads, and I recall that one of the “fixes” was to use a 2gb cards, since the PWD tended to have difficulties with larger cards.

Is there such a limit on card size on the DS as well? I noticed that the card that came with my upgrade kit was 4gb, but it’s actually pretty hard to find cards even that small these days locally, and even Amazon is a bit overpriced for such a small card.

As a side question, is there a MINIMUM size needed?

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It’s related to the bootloader version in the device. If you have an earlier one like 1.02 on the DS DAC then you must use a smaller card. When I installed the DS upgrade in my PWD I had to use a smaller card than the 32GB one provided in the kit. After a recent issue when updating DS firmware I had to use the Boot Recovery files and these installed bootloader 1.13 so may be able to use larger cards in the future.

Thanks for the info!

I use a mixture of SD cards from 2-8Gb haven’t had any problems so far. I loaded Snowmass & Windom on 8Gb cards and both loaded without issues.
I agree, it’s impossible to find low sized cards outside of ebay.

Amazon has 2GB cards if needed.

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