5000 to 7000 dollar budget

Our opportunities to listen to any Revels (Minneapolis, MN) was limited to auditioning our pair in the home of an audiophile (silver wire cables. etc). I’ve only seen a advertisement for the 328s. I’m assuming that they are a replacement for the now discontinued next model up…Salon?

I’ve never heard them either. No the 328’s would replace the Studio II. The Salon II is still the flagship.

Yup…You’re right…Studio. I thought the reviews had the 228s delivering an experience awfully close to the Studios…The 328s will likely meet or exceed it.

I think you should also consider Legacy speakers. I think the Signature and Classic speakers are in your price range.

I have the older version of the Classic speaker and like it very much.

You might squeeze under the high end of the budget on a demo pair of Focal Kanta 2. Since the Kanta 3 came out dealers are aggressively moving their Kanta 2 demos and stock

Heck of a speaker…


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Personally i really like my KEF R900s which are $5000 but often on sale for $3500 or so. They punch far above their price range imo.

Been using the M700 since they first came out and used a variety of speakers including Wilson Benesch, Sonus Faber and Paradigm among others and I always come back to Harbeth. Everything from bottom to top of the range; M30’s are awesome and Darren says HL5’s - gotta listen to the boss. FWIW currently using M40.2s and no thoughts of changing

Personal comment: metal tweeters seem to wear me out. no clue why, but if i listen for more than about 5 minutes, i just loose interest, if i persist it becomes annoying. perhaps same effect on others. My takeaway have a thorough audition

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Do M40.2s have metal tweeters?

they have a 1 in soft dome… very pleasant for me

Excellent. I got confused by your reference metal tweeters combined with thoughts of changing the Harbeth. Metal tweeters and ribbon tweeters are not for me either.

ugh - thanks, bad reply, just edited my original post - I have NO thoughts of changing :slight_smile:

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By all means, ad a PS regenerator. Extraordinarily improved sound.


You are right on with the regenerator…I started with P5 then P12 now p15…
these are truly amazing products…

Thanks Paul and team for bringing these to market!!