5000 to 7000 dollar budget

hello, i have a buddy getting in to audio. he has picked some m 700 amps with a nad preamp and a cd transport. he has a room of 18 long by 12 wide and budget up to 7000 for speakers. im only familiar with magnapan. could use so tips please. thanks

I’m putting my Ulfbehrts on sale soon. Send me a DM if near the Los Angeles area and interested. Unlikely to ship given their size.

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I am liking my M700’s driving Focal Aria 948’s quite a bit. Should be in that budget and would IMO be a good pairing


Focal is an excellent speaker indeed, and matches a wide variety of amps. They have some amazing floor standers and stand mounts. They merged with Naim Audio a few years back.

I know it’s a hard question, but what genre of music do you and your buddy like to listen to?

About a year and a half ago I auditioned a number of speakers in the $4000 to $6000 range. For me the new Monitor Audio Gold 200s blew everything else out of the water. The only speaker I wanted to listen to but couldn’t (no local dealers) were the Focal 948s that @aiki14 mentioned. I mostly listen to alt rock and jazz. My listening room is slightly larger than your friend’s room.

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I am quoting Darren Myers from April 2018 on his choice of speakers for the M700:
“My top recommendation for a large monitor is the Harbeth HL5 Plus. Only downside is that they generally go for a lot more than 2K. They would have similar bass capabilities compared to the 805’s. The Harbeth’s have a very involving and musical sound that mates best with revealing and transparent amplifiers”

i have been into alot of female vocals and recently cowboy junkies and chantal chamberland, he likes jazz and some blues

First of all, why not Magnepans?
For a great box speaker, one can’t go wrong with Zu Audio. Try to find their Druid MkV (Been replaced by MKVI which is easily $11K). Noodle around their website.
Also, DeVore 093 are wonderful.

Focal Aria 948’s…highly detailed nuanced dynamic and present
a wide, deep and vertical soundstage…they do well with all
genres of music.

The Focal 936s are outstanding as well and easier on the wallet.

One caveat…I highly recommend a PS Audio regenerator for the
ultimate performance…

Best wishes
Happy trails


Ok. Thanks

Take a look at the Revel F226be. Depending on the room acoustics and music type they might want to add a sub.

I tend to like a slightly warmer speaker for jazz and female vocals. It will take a little shopping around to find them at a good price, but the Dynaudio Contour 30i will pair BEAUTIFULLY with the M700s. Their Evoke lineup would also perform extremely well.

For a slightly more lively sound, the Focal 936s would do great. Fit the budget perfectly as well.

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We recently switched from Magnepan 1.7 (32 years) to Revel 228BE. Stereophile really liked them and we love them. I believe that they can be had from the Music Room for under the $7,000 price. We found them used locally for just over $6000.
We are driving them with M700s…amazing full range with crystal clear highs.

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I speak with a lot of guys running M700s into Revels. I’ve never heard any M700 Revel combo, but their feedback is always exceptionally positive!

Correction …Just checked The Music Room site: $6300. delivered

He may want to look at Ohm. I had my M700s driving my SSC-4900s and they were very good. The 5000s fit the price range.

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Didn’t know you could get them that cheap. I suggested to the OP the 226be, but you’re right some used 228’s will be even better. Have you ever heard the 328’s before?

+1 Dynaudio Contour 30i


++ Focal Aria 948s…!!!