Speaker suggestion for large room

I have a room that is 25ft x 21ft x 12ft high ceiling. All glass on the 25 ft side.
My plan is to only stream music with this system as I have a vinyl system I am very happy with.
Looking to fill the room with music as opposed to having one sweet spot to listen to.
One of my worries is bass. Not being a fan of boomy subs I am starting to change my mind as I start looking into it.
I have plenty of power with my amp.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Spatial Audio X3 since you didn’t include a price limit. 15" powered woofer included

If filling the room is what you’re looking for, you don’t mention whether you’re OK with a somewhat diffuse image, omnis may be your cup of tea. A somewhat rarified breed. You didn’t mention budget, either. The big Ohm Walsh 5000s perhaps at $6600 for the pair. Disclosure I’m not a fan of omnis in general (I’ve owned the previous big model of the Ohm Walsh), but Ohms are in fact intentionally designed for the goal you describe. The sky’s the limit after that … MBLs if you win the lottery?

Another vote for the Spatial X3’s. X5’s would also work well in that room.

I’m an owner and a fan, I love the sound of Wilson Audio speakers. No problem filling a large room but still great at delicate and nuanced delivery

I guess a budget should be mentioned too.

Thinking $5000 to $7000.
One if my thoughts was Revels. Have a wide soundstage. The F208, though might be a bit lite for a room that size.
Anyone with heard Revels and omnis?
I would be adding subs to the Revels

How about one of the Golden Ear Triton models? I’ve never heard one but they’re in your price range and get mostly good reviews.

Tekton Encore or Moab would also be good if you want a box speaker.

All great suggestions but some of these will be impossible to audition.
Have seen a lot of love for the Moabs on different boards.
Would the bass hold up with that size room?

Every room is different so you would have to give your choice a try to be sure. The Tektons and Spatials have a 30 day money back guarantee (less shipping). The Golden Ears might too. I think Upscale is a GE dealer that will give a money back on them.

If I had your space I would consider building a pair of these and add a pair of open baffle subs. If you’re not into or able to do the DIY, farm it all out to local talent, hobbyists or pros.

Whatever you choose, it’s probably best to setup along the long wall to make the reflective glass surface equal left and right as I presume you’re not able to cover it with treatments.

It’s not entirely true that you can’t audition. For example, Ohm backs its entire speaker line with a 120 day home trial. Music Direct is a full line authorized Revel ecommerce dealer (including the F208). They back almost everything, definitely speakers, with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and they mean it. I’ve taken them up on that guarantee more than once.

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Good point but what is the shipping like on something that big when sending back.
Guess its better to spend a couple hundred dollars when spending so much.

It’s that or attempt to find a B&M dealer for an audition (of the Revels for example). Assuming you even can, I stopped trying to gauge the SQ of components in a B&M showroom environment years ago. With the advent of so many brands now available from on-line retailers, I question the value of an audition at a dealer. However you slice it, the acoustics of that environment won’t be the same, the components right down to the cables will never be the same. The irony is even back in the day when I did that regularly, I wound up pestering the dealer to lend me whatever I was auditioning for home evaluation. Subject to all kinds of constraints like not being able to keep it for more than 48 hours, only over a weekend, etc. My opinion is shipping is worth every penny for the privilege of 2 or maybe even 4 months of careful in-home audition.

Your probably right. There are so few dealers in my area now that finding a specific brand is hard to do.
Fall out of the dot.com era.
Guess I will have to do my research well and hope I make a good pic.
Anyone have experience with subs or is it my guess they dont have a lot of love here.

Not true! Plenty of sub lovers in this forum. I’m partial to REL and like JL Audio. Lots of fans of Rythmik subs in the PSA community as well. Many of us use two or more in our audio systems.

So, If I were to buy a floor stander that has good sound qualities but not enough bass for the room, can I supplement with 2 good quality subs without being boomy. Also I am not using a pre amp, how would I wire the subs to the amp when it is set up just for two speakers.

I have an all Revel Ultima2 system. I’ve heard the f208’s many times and they are great. I would recommend you check out the new be series, I thought they were amazing. I actually prefer the looks of them better than my salon ii but I’m so happy with them I dont see myself changing anytime soon.

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The appropriate place in a room is rarely the same for bass and all other frequencies. Subs only serve to enhance the mains, fleshing out the last octave, and should blend so completely you cannot hear them but you’ll know when they are off.

Set aside some budget for return shipping and consider it part of the ultimate purchase price. Acoustically it is nearly pointless to evaluate and listen to them anywhere but your space.