99% True And Arnie

@Paul, I just finished “99% True” and all I can say is thank you. A really wonderful book. I could not put it down as some aspect of your life paralleled mine: growing up in Orange County, Californa; being introduced to the audiophile world at an early age; having the good fortune to share that audiophile world with Arnie Nudell (even if just for a short time).

My father was a true audiophile from the early 60’s. We had large Wharfdale cabinets in our home for the longest time. That is, until he met Arnie and bought the original Servo Statiks. I can still see them up on pedestals with that huge sub woofer in between them in my mind’s eye.

I would like to share some things here. I was able to find some old photos of Arnie with his first Ferrari and will post that here once I scan it in.

99% True just touched me. Truly. I had lost touch with Arnie after my father passed away in 1981 and it was wonderful to read those anecdotes. I remember that drag race to Vegas! :slight_smile: But also sooo saddened to hear of his demise.

Arnie brought me to you. Having followed him on the internet. And I just knew that your products would have the “Arnie” sound that I came to love growing up around him. I LOVE PS Audio after only owning the Sprout. But, just as your book said, you have successfully brought me in to your family. And I am so happy to be here. Looking forward to more new stuff that I am on track to buy when available: the Sprout Speaker and Strata.

More to come…


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