A couple of DS technical questions (mute, dim)

  1. When Mute is on via the remote, is the block at the outputs or earlier in the handling of the signal? I’m thinking, for instance, of its effect on burn in.

  2. When the touch screen is turned off with the remote’s Dim button, is that electrically the same as having Setting dim to 0 on the screen? The discussions that go on about the effect of the screen on sound got me to wonder about that.

  1. There is a relay on the analog board to cut off the signal, so it’s after all of the processing.
  2. They’re actually quite a bit different. Dim will completely turn off the display, and the dimming = 0 only brings it down to 30%. For best SQ, I recommend dim the display with the remote, or leave the dimmer = 100.
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The display brightness affects sound quality, seriously?

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You didn’t see that thread?

They use a PWM backlit display. The frequency of the pulses to vary the brightness was right in the audio band. One of the updates changed this frequency to mitigate this. If the display is off or the brightness is set to 100%, there is no pulsing, so no interference.

They should move to OLED, but even today there are LCD backlights that don’t use PWM dimming. They probably should’ve went with one of those. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow I didn’t know this. Thanks for highlighting it again…

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It’s not something you’d ever contemplate, right? Lucky we have such ready access to the internal PS brains trust to guide us around these unexpected surprises.