Leaving Direct Stream Dac powered on

I prefer just leaving my audio equipment powered on but im concerned if I do that it will damage the screen if the DSD…screen burn in.
Have been putting it in stand by mode.
Any info out there in leaving DSD powered on?
Thank you

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You can use the “Dim” button on the remote control to blank the screen. It will come on momentarily when you press a button on the remote but then will go back to blank. You can get back to normal by pressing “ON”.

But standby is fine - the guts of the DAC are still on, it’s only the screen that’s off.


Thank you Ted
Loving the DAC and appreciate all your work
Thank You!

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FWIW, my DSD Sr. DAC is several years old.

I leave it on all of the time with the screen turned off. So far, so good.



Thank you

Yup, same here. Unit on, screen off. All good.

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