Powering down DS when not in use?

I’m new to the DS and have a question. When you’re not using it for a day or more, do you still leave it on? Just dim the screen? Use the PS Audio logo button, which I believe puts it in sleep mode? Turn it off with the rear switch? Something else?

Leave it on dim the screen.

“Standby” is good compromise…if it’s not thundering (from rain, that is)

I’ve realized when I leave mine on for an extended period of time, it sometimes gets harsh sounding. From what I’ve gathered, Ted is aware of this.

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I have never heard that one and it doesn’t make any sense.

Ted said he was aware of it

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I typically leave it on unless I am out of town for more than 5-7 days. I always have the screen dimmed, don’t want to chance burn-in.

My understanding is that the switch on the front only turns off the outputs, the unit is basically still on

All computers can go a bit wonky when left on for an extended period, not that they will, only that they can. If at some point it appears the unit does not sound right, a quick reboot hurts nothing.