A Mindful Holiday season.

A Mindful Holiday season.

I received an interesting email the other day from a new Forum visitor who was very complimentary of the support given by all our forum Community Leaders and members.

He apparently had purchased a used DAC with Bridge and was trying to figure it all out on his own. He stumbled across the Forum and commented on first having to learn to navigate our rambles and then finally discovering the instructions he had been looking for. He was not intimidated by the OT waves [ or should I say WAV] and, in fact, felt that he had fallen into a comfort zone with interesting comrades who were sharing a similar journey and having fun along the way.

In short, he felt the “energy” of our community.

Think about it……

We come from all over the world, most have never met in person, we are all different and somewhat “special” in our own ways, yet in this community we are both unabashed to share what we know and humbled by what we do not know, even if we thought we did. Why are we here? Could it be that feeling part of this matrix actually makes us feel good? I think so.

On behalf of the “community” I want to thank Bruno for his note and I am touched that the positive energy of our group has been felt all the way to Italy and by someone outside of our core membership. You are welcome to introduce yourself and join in.

Perhaps this Holiday season is an opportunity to be more aware of how we can also have a positive effect on those outside our immediate family circles. Be it a buck to a homeless person, a cup of coffee or even a smile and a few minutes of our time. We all can make a difference in the day of another who may not have a Community.

Thanks again to Paul for creating our sandbox.

Happy Holidays Y’all.


Thanks, Gordon. It’s why I hang out here.

Such a nice post. Respect.

No kidding and may I say I too am in awe at the energy, the kindness and the respect shown here. The Community Leaders, the members, the Audiophiles that “hang out here” are just the creme of the crop and you have my undying respect and gratitude.

Thanks for all you do.

Paul McGowan said: too am in awe at the energy

I think we all pretty much know it and contribute to this.
It is kinda nice when a newcomer stumbles upon us and feels it.
Let's hope Bruno chimes in sometime and his only "pops" are Coco-Pops.

Aw shucks, Paul, hanging out here is a favoured pastime. If I didn’t do it I would still be wondering how to make my DAC/Bridge work correctly. It’s a great sandbox we have! :x