A new look P 12?


For something like two years I have been the proud owner of a Stellar P3. I would have wanted to get a P 12, but when you look at the back you can see that the European versions have a dramatically reduced number of outlets. P3 down from 6 to 4 is… (grinding teeth) okayyyyy, but from 8 down to 4 as in the P 12, well…

I know you have to fit things into a certain box. But couldn’t you for once think of potential customers outside the US?

Well, I have a contraption that measures the electricity used on the spot. Plug it into the wall, plug your device into this contraption and you can see its present comsumption, work out how much electricity it would use over a year and calculate the costs. (I’ve used it for example to check how much electricity my freezer uses.)

And how much power does my hifi consume? Peak value at full blast something like 125 watts. So a P3 is enough for me. And 25 watts are consumed by the P3 in standby. Something like $80 a year on my electricity bill. Consquence: Switch it off totally after my listening sessions. By the way, my amp uses 5 watts.

And now for this:

Accidentally I found this finnish website.

The big question: How did that P 12 aquire an extra 4 outlets? Definitely Schuko ones…

Best wishes, Olaf from Germany

Interesting! I wonder how Mareksound has 8 outlets
But the one from PS audio can only fit 4

It looks like the socket size does not match.

Yes, the photo is obviously faked. Someone should inform the shop owner to correct that and the wrong specs.

Still I second the OP remarks on the design choices that limit the amount of Schuko outlets to four. Which unfortunately rules out models below P15 for a lot of people/systems in Europe.

Mareksound is official importer for PS Audio products in Finland but i have no clue why or where else they would have got those pictures other than from the mothership.

Yeah four outlets for any stereo setup nowadays is a joke.