A quiet evening with Halie Loren.

Back home for a few days of crew rest. Spent the evening listening to Halie’s dicography while sipping on a nice bottle of " Night Glider"…http://www.essexwinereview.com/2009/06/pelee-island-gamay-noir-zweigelt-2007/ which happens to be my all time red wine for sipping.

The Night Glider was re-introduced to Pelee Island after an absence of sixty years and was made the mascot of the Gamay Zweigelt vintage.

( Large picture. Open in separate window.)

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I’ve buzzed Pelee by boat a few times but never stopped in. Is the winery on the island?

I grin when I think that many people in the southern part of Ohio do not realize that our state shares a border with Canada. Sadly, I am not kidding…


There are quite a few new wineries opening up along the shores of Erie and westward to Windsor/Detroit.


I believe you.

I lived in West Coast Florida for a while and met lots of people from Ohio. Canada [if they had heard of it] was next to Norway or Iceland. I kid you not. I have noticed that in general, World geography does not seem to be a very important subject in USA. Even American geography. This does not seem to be unique to Ohio by the way. I have often wondered why. There is even a lot of

humor on the subject, including some videos made by smart-ass Canadians asking questions about our geography, politics etc.

If I can find some they are worthy of another post. But then to be fair please find som Canuck bangers.

We do have some lovely wines here. Why are they so expensive?

Gordon said: Why are they so expensive?

Labour costs, primarily, and clever marketing, secondarily.

I have been amazed by the number of my fellow Ohioans who do not know that Ohio has islands in Lake Erie as well. So, how well do Canadians get along with the other countries in the Great White North. You know, Ontario, Nova Scotia and French Canada? :smiley:

Living in Quebec we do have a few neighbors that would like their own flag and many in other provinces that would love to let them and shut them up.

It is a fine line to walk when promoting multiculturalism ( beyond food and music) and lately it is getting more difficult due to some “less tolerant” recent arrivals.

Funny how we often do not explore our own back yards as much as we could.

I would love to visit the Arctic but always seem to miss their summer window. All 4 days of it.

Thanks for the Halie Loren tip. I just picked up a couple CDs from Amazon.

She is smooth.

She reminds me a bit of Norah Jones but a with a more versatile and interesting voice/style.

Gordon said: She reminds me a bit of Norah Jones but a with a more versatile and interesting voice/style.

A low bar to exceed. :)
Elk said: A low bar to exceed.

Ouch. I like Norah...

She is not unpleasant, just uninteresting and generic. Very safe and dull.

I can listen to one track. I then begin wondering if I left my oven on, concluding it would be fascinating to check rather than listen to the next track. :slight_smile:

Maybe I would like her less if I didn’t always picture her singing to me in my living room. =P~

Does she look as terrified in your living room as she does on stage?

I’m sure she would be if she knew where she was. :))


In all fairness, her live appearances are now much better than her early showings. When she first was released upon us, it was uncomfortable to watch her.

yes she looked pretty freaked out. at the time her label was pushing the “out of nowhere comes this ingenue” line which was pure BS given she is Shankar’s daughter and was already a seasoned performer. maybe it was all an act. The stuff she did with Peter Malick wasn’t bad.