Name a performer you love

That no one else seems to know about. Someone you think is transcendent that isn’t as popular as they deserve to be. If there’s a specific album, that’s great too.

Caitlin Canty - Golden Hour

Her collaboration with Peter Bradley Adams on Down Like Silver is also very good.

Great idea for a thread. I find so much amazing music from others’ posts!

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Rhiannon Giddens! So talented in all that she has done. Saw her live at the Disney Concert Hall and witnessed just pure talent.


I saw her with my son last year at Purdue. She is amazing. I love her so much.

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Bheki Mseleku: Star Seedings or any of his albums

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Lindsey Webster - silky smooth jazz vocalist like Anita Baker with better range and silkier. Love her sound

Marc Antoine - brilliant jazz guitarist; so smooth and great playing

Jessy Cook - Nuevo Flamingo, just amazing arrangements and percussion following is great.

this is a great thread…

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@JeffofArabica - what a great concert hall, lived near there for a while. I have Tomorrow is My Turm hires 24/96.

Absolutely! The acoustics there are just insane!

I have her albums and also stream her music hi-res through Tidal/Qobuz often. And Downtown LA has come so far in the last 5 years. The restaurant and bar scene is fantastic. Great place for dinner, drinks, and a killer performance.

But you know this as you travel to the greater L.A. area often :wink:

@JeffofArabica yeah we listened to some chamber music there and it was amazing. There is also a church we lit a candle for our son that passed near there and they ring bells. We lived in Calabasas and Woodland Hills for years. I miss that area for the cycling and music.

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Zoe Keating. She plays multiple parts on a cello live by using a computer doing sampling and looping controlled by various foot pedals. I’ve seen her live a couple of times and I can easily hear her style as she does things like incidental music for, say, the TV show “Elementary”.

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Yes, The Cathedral of Saint Vibiana. Such a beautiful church. My office was footsteps away for many years.

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@JeffofArabica - so cool, we said prayers for our son who passed. Very beautiful cathedral.

Thanks Ted, checking her out now… Into the Trees…

My deepest condolences

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I had forgotten about Zoe. One talented artist.

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Steve Poltz - solo debut One Left Shoe

Thanks, just had a very fond memory of that Cathedral. The WDCH is right down the street. Jeff is right, that area is getting nicer. If you really want to hear amazing sound, that WDCH is just amazing from the sail looking structure (modern) to the fantastic acoustics. A must see/hear if in LA area. Also the two Getty museums, off the 405 and in Malibu. I lived near the Malibu Getty and it was great having a coffee sitting in the amphitheater at the Malibu Getty.

Eva Cassidy, gone but still a great vocalist.

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Love hear songs and voice, beautiful.

Yeah, first time listening and very talented.