Your drink of choice

Beer: a brown ale or stout. My favorite is a local brewery’s Colombia Street Coffee Stout
Whiskey: Lagavulin, nectar of the gods.

Scotch, single malt, from the Isle of Islay. Ardbeg Uigeadail is a favorite of mine.


I’ll give it a shot. How does it compare to Lagavulin?

It compares well with Lagvulin 16.

Dr Pepper and Big Red


I’m all about Speyside, but also have some love for certain Highlands. Not a peat fan. Don’t think I could choose just one single malt Scotch distillery. I like certain ones for different reasons.

But being an American, in California (grape region and more recently, a craft malt region), I have to say that American Single Malt Whiskey and Brandy are my jam!

I’ll alway go for an Islay - Laphroig Quarter Cask is a particular favourite. I have a Macallan finished in port casks which is particularly delicious … and then there’s the Japanese stuff which is also good.
So Whisky …
Although the recent emergence of loads of small craft beer producers here in Australia means I’m in grog heaven.
Would snap this up if I could afford it… :drooling_face:

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I’m actually opening a micro-distillery pub in Anaheim, CA this coming summer. I’m saving this very special celebratory dram for when the doors actually open. Bottle cost was 3500 Euro. I purchased this dram for 140 Euro when I was in Scotland recently. A 42 year old Whisky by Tobermory from the Isle of Mull, established in 1798. I can’t wait!


oh … yum

Bourbon or Rye Whiskey. Sometimes a mixture of both.


Make sure to announce your opening/location. I’m in Anaheim a bit during hockey season, and would love to drop by. Might be after hockey season, or if I come over for an Angels game.

Will do! Maybe an Orange County area Spirits and Audio Society meetup at the distillery? :grin:

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I’m game…Not currently a member of laocas, but would certainly enjoy the opportunity. Are you a member, and are the events/ meet ups good?

I was joking about the society… figured we could start up our own sprits and audio based group (informal, a.k.a. an excuse to get together and enjoy whiskey and audio talk). :smiley:

But as far as LAOCAS, I am a lifetime member. They have monthly events/meetings and an annual gala, which just took place last weekend. As far as my opinion, they do some things well, but there is much room for improvement. I support the society but in all honesty, it is all about just meeting up at some audio vendors location and selling raffle tickets. The prizes are great and all but it seems like it is merely a social club with little effort to accomplish any set goals or objectives. Many of the events are repeated so not too much innovation going on there. That being said, there is nothing wrong with merely getting together with like minded people to talk about this beloved hobby (or obsession) we have all grow to love (or at least succumbed to).

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Agreed. Always nice to talk to people in the hobby. Keep me posted on your opening. I’m out in Riverside County, but make my way into Anaheim for sporting events.

Excellent! Well it sounds like a future get together is certainly in order. Ill keep you posted.

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Being an Argentinian national, well obviously a malbec red of some sort. My absolute fave is the Weinert Estrella. Got a big game coming up today for the club I work for, if we did win it and remained top of the table… the last Weinert Estrella will be open tonight -hopefully not corked!

Beer and whisky choices are rather simple and popular. A glass of Bushmills out of Coleraine, Northern Ireland and a couple tiny bottles of Belgium’s La Chouffe.

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Ruta Maya oranic Mexican coffe, medium roast
S. Pelegrino sparkling water
Organic whole milk
Walaby organic whole milk Kefir, peach

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Great thread! I’m also a Whiskey guy.

I was in Frankfurt in a Japanese restaurant a few months ago. The barkeeper there who seemed to also have been the boss is an incredible whiskey aficionado having many bottles worth thousands of dollars there. I drank a small glass of such a whiskey for a friendly price of nearly 50$. Probably shouldn’t have made it…it spoils and it’s hard to get used to normal whiskey afterwards. I attached his card to the photo below…whiskey lovers, go there, you’ll hardly meet someone with more whiskey knowledge!!!

There I also met a Norwegian whiskey connoisseur whom I asked for his recommendations of very affordable whiskeys. On the note below you see his recommendations. Any suggestion? Looking for a smooth one.