A suggestion for a Stellar Disc Player


Things change and often but so far our plans include a Stellar phono, streamer, disc player, and eventually an integrated. I too love Stellar as it is our essential gateway drug into the line. One we are very proud to put our name on. They are great, great sounding and performing products.


“Gateway drug”. An apt description for the Stellar line. Bought the SGCD and M700’s a few months ago and I am hooked. Eyeing the BHK pre but after getting a pair of REL subwoofers.


Paul I have had my Stellar Gain Cell Dac and S300 system for about month or so. It’s a life changing gateway drug! I’m looking forward to the new server you have been working on!


Me too. Thanks for the kind words!


Joining in here to add my interest in a cd transport in the Stellar lineup. I have just received my S300 amp for the 30 day trial and even at this early stage I’m pretty impressed. Thanks to PS Audio for making a new product for what many consider an “obsolete” technology!


Welcome, Captain!


My request for a Stellar product would be, essentially, a high quality Chromecast Audio, but simpler I’m some ways, fancier in others.

Essentially we need a WiFi receiver with either a well clocked toslink or USB output and a high quality power supply. No need for a DAC or anything else. It should have chrome os so that it is compatible with casting. (This is by far the most popular casting platform, already supported by multiple apps.) Othet non google devices support casting (such as Vizio TVs).

So, simple, high quality WiFi adapter with quality components, and nothing else. No need for a million options most don’t need to pay for.

This could easily fit in a $200 price point (Chromecast Audio is $35, and it has a built in DAC), and I think you’d sell a ton of them.


I would love to have a high end Chromecast Audio streamer. That’s my primary online music source (YouTube premium) apart from red book.

Currently my Chromecast Audio is connected to my Stellar DAC 24/7


So essentially a fancy power supply and I/Os to connect to a Chrome Cast? I am not sure that add much value to the device. Not sure what we would have to offer. We originally tried to design a Chome Cast as our WIFI music source into the first version of the Stellar Integrated but could never get Google to work with us to purchase the little guys. True we could have just supplied an HDMI port and made it possible to plug in there but that seemed more hassle than what we wanted for customers.

To become a PS product the device has to offer something remarkable. Unless I am missing it, a fancy power supply for a Chrome Cast doesn’t fit that description.


Thanks and welcome to the forums and our community!


Well, not just a fancy power supply and I/O to connect to an existing Chrome Cast, but rather a complete PS Audio-designed device with a system on a chip (SoC) loaded with Chrome OS, a fancy power supply, and maybe jitter-free USB and Toslink outputs.

I know Google allows this for third party products, but I’m not sure of the logistics. For instance, Vizio TVs have Chrome OS, Asus produces Chrome OS devices, etc.


Is it just as simple as finding a compatible SoC and loading Chrome OS on it? Can you buy the hardware from Google? I’m not sure, but I’m sure it can be done.


Hmmm. Gotcha. Why Chrome Cast though? Why not what we are planning which is a Stellar version of Octave Server? That device will be true high-end and a lot more of a pleasure to use (though more expensive than what you’re proposing). What I don’t like about these solution is they’re not particularly in line with our high-performance objectives. What would you stream?


Simply because many music platforms, such as Tidal (mobile, but not the desktop version for some reason), YouTube, and many others have Chrome Cast support directly built in. While you’re in the app, just click the little button, choose which device to cast to, and you’re done. It’s a convenience thing. I suppose it doesn’t have to have JUST Chrome support, but I’d like to see a simple device without much feature creep.

And you can add the guts of this little device to Octave too! Boom, automatic Chrome Casting support, though there might be a more elegant way to get Chrome OS into the Octave device. :slight_smile:


This strikes me as akin to adding Jell-O pudding cups to the desert menu of a high end restaurant.


+1 for the Stellar line Octave server. Currently I use a Bluesound Vault 2 for music storage and streaming into my SGCD. I like the Vault but it could be better. I have 2500 CDs ripped to the Vault so I need the storage capabilities. I also stream Tidal, Spotify, and Radio Paradise. What I want is a better link between the server and the SGCD. I use the coaxial on the Vault for now. I like the sound of the SGCD DAC over the Vault DAC. I would like something that supports I2S or cleaned up USB and could play DSD files. I have looked at Roon and by the time I build the core and a NAS, or reuse the Vault for that, I still need a Roon endpoint so the Vault stays or I add a DSD Jr to the mix. It adds up fast. Sorry for the off-topic post. I just realized this thread is about a disc player.

p.s. Please have support for Radio Paradise streaming using their new FLAC capability. I use it extensively for background music while working from home.

p.p.s. I’m really enjoying my upgrade from S300 to M700s I did on Wednesday.


……."Jell-O pudding cups to the desert menu of a high end restaurant "
Classic: :grin:


It might sound silly but YouTube has more of the type of music I want to hear. I can’t find it elsewhere!

FWIW I upgraded my chrome audio power adapter (iFi) and I can hear the difference with my sgcd.


Absolutely nothing wrong with listening to YouTube music. :slight_smile:

Nice to hear the power upgrade worked.


Chromecast Built-In is on my wish-list for my next streamer. BBC iPlayer catch-up, Soundcloud, MixCloud etc.