About diapers...


Have you ever wondered why baby diapers have cute names like " Huggies" and Pampers etc…??? And adult ones are know as Depends…?

Depends on what? Since Gordon, Paul and myself are getting to that stage in our life, I would like to know.

And why don’t you see the face of a happy senior who just pooped his pants.

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You can “depend” on it to save your butt because, unlike an infant, you think you should know better than to poop in your pants but can’t help yourself when it does happen. So, in your shame, you have to rely on the diaper. Unlike the infant who’s cute, innocent, and doesn’t know any better. So they get the cute names.

Quite simple, really.

Isn’t marketing wonderful?



Here ya go.

For the executive on the go.



Don’t let this happen to you!

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