Random Happy Horseshit

Y’know - for those of us that get burned out from time to time…Post at Will.


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But what if I wanted sad Horseshit?


Y’all are welcome to express whatever you want, until I decide it has crossed My Line.

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We’re coming, you better put up several lines, always have a plan B, and even a C (from the movie Rare Birds).

…or bipolar Horse$#!t??? :upside_down_face:

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Just muck
life is too short
I have a friend who has 2 horses Enjoy the beauty
Happy horseshit is is better than sad

…and it makes good fertilizer

I have Random Happy Horsies and Cowsies as neighbors now (lower right) that’s the moon in the upper left.


Is horse poop a clean power supply? Or is cow flap a better source.

Additionally, the stock market is mucking with my 401K.

Bison chips are “the shizz” ; )

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When I was pretty small our extended family had a picnic at my grandfather’s cabin. One of my uncles was messing around with a watermelon holding it over a fresh cow pie to see what reaction he’d get. Then he accidentally really dropped it and it cracked open. What I remember most was that even without running water to clean it, most of the family still enjoyed eating watermelon…

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Excellent Ted.

Reminds me of my happier Boy Scout Days.

We used to go in the pasture and pick up nicely dried cow patties. The we’d have an impromptu pattie discus competition :joy:

we have square poop !
wombat poop


Our younger puppy does her breakfast dance aka Snowmass is coming, Snowmass is coming!


Kinda reminds me of how I get when a new firmware update is pending. Bodie and Carly are just more animated than me…:rofl:

“Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they are no friends of mine”
- Men Without Hats


When I was young, we rented a house for a while that had free grazing cattle. Those assholes used to shit all over our porch. It was a bit inconvenient.

or a house was built in their pasture :wink:

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Remembering the house, you’re probably right! Haha

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