Check out our new studios!

Grab a glass of champagne! Octave Studio is up and running.

After months of construction, wiring, adjusting, and hair pulling (not to mention years of planning), we’re finally recording in the new studio.

The work we’re doing won’t be ready to be listened to for several months and we’ve got a bunch of new and exciting releases already in the “can” that we’ll be sharing with you soon, but still….this is a big moment for us.

I put together a quick little video of the new studio you can watch here

In the video, you’ll likely notice a familiar musician, trumpeter Gabriel Mervine. Gabriel’s Octave release of Say Somethin’ was quick to sell out (still available for download) and we’ve got him back in the new studio for a very special project I’ll be telling you about in the coming months.

The studio is one of the very few in the world dedicated to DSD and preserving the art of recording.

If you have a moment, you can check out our catalog.


Congrats Paul, it looks amazing! It’s a little too early for champagne over here on the west coast, but my coffee will do the trick. :wink:


Congratulations to you and the team that was involved in this new endeavour!

I look forward to hearing the upcoming releases from the new studio in due course.

All the very best for the beginning of a promising new chapter…

There’s always mimosas. They are approved for breakfast because of the orange juice.


I bet there’s never a day when you don’t want to go to work is there…?

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As W.C. Fields would say, who put orange juice in my orange juice. :smile:

Thanks for sharing the videos and allowing us to keep up with the progress on your latest endeavor. Best of luck with the new studios!

Congratulations Paul! What an awesome accomplishment and you must feel so proud.

I assume Atmos mixing capability has been covered in other threads but I am curious if the studio is planning to install such a system. Or, is that completely off the table for now? I guess it would have to be mixed in PCM so there’s an obstacle.

Emil Berliner Studios


Congratulations with the new studio. Its look cool, but I se one mistake. Carpet is not good for the sound. Sound from the floor is very good. Sound from the floore is very natural.

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:clap: Congrats! Looking forward to populating my collection.

Welcome @sven_palvig_25 !

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Welcome aboard! Check out this video. In it I recall Paul describing this view as the artist’s lounge. He also provides a basic description the rest of the studio.

Nice studio.


Behind the scenes is always fun