AC phase DirectStream


What pin in the AC plug DirectStream is hot?

Tried it by ear, if I connect the hot pin "up" - the sound is softer.

If it's "down" - the sound more bright.

Hot pin "UP"-Hot pin UP

Hot pin "DOWN" - Hot pin DOWN

What is right?

(I use European version 230V)

Experts, please, help me understand the issue.

“Right” is what sounds best to you.

I am no expert but I can add more to the picture. There is a company who makes a device called a silk . It does what your doing on 5 outlets seperatly . Meaning you can plug Ina all of your audio goodies and move the SW,s up and down and find what sounds better .

I asked this question and got answers but no reality check meaning no impact on why . The theory is not all transformers Are wound the same . As there is no standard for this. So by moving the sw,s up or down you are changing the polarity of each device . When you match all of your stuff it sounds best . The man who makes this device that is not ul approved I truly trust . My point is Its not the dac alone that is making the sound different it’s the combination of all of it. Now I do not own one nor have I tried one. I do plan to get a lone on one and try and report back here.

Lastly we change fuses and even find a direction for them , this drives my small brain crazy but many swear by it. Why no one really tries this puzzles me , I guess it comes down to posting let’s see what happens now . Keep in mind in the states there is an allowed polirty it’s why the prongs on the plug are not the same even if there is no ground prong . Now I am not saying it’s bad or dangerous it’s just making the wrong wire hot .

mine is hot pin down as measured by a multimeter measuring ac differential with a cheater plug and wires disconnected

Not sure about your power because 220v in the US has 2 hots and a ground with each hot being a different phase. International advice on this subject can be a “hot mess”. 4_gifdull_gif

This review of the DS is now available in English (free download).

Check page 49, you will see this picture - Hot pin UP

Download Link

If its 220 that’s correct but the terms I explained still remain and it’s why at any voltage potential and or phasied uses meaning one or two the soind does vary . Oddly onowone comments lol and this has true scientific facts that can be easily measured with a scope . Also outside of the use where two phases are used there is no polarity to speak of.

Hi, I firstly misunderstood the schema. I was thinking to look at the IEC plug of the cable and not the IEC at the back of the DirectStream^^

If it is the case (view of the IEC on the DS), hot pin “UP” configuration if far better for me. 220V in Europe.

What made a great improvement in my system is a furutech Rodium wall plug. Waooou!! But it’s another subject.


Yes, I look on IEC on the DS, and hot pin “UP” is much better sound quality for me too.

Right hot pin (view IEC on the DirectStream) for 230V European version -

Sound becomes more emotions, rich & beautiful.happy-048_gif